Song Saturday: “I Throw My Toys Around”


For this week’s edition of Song Saturday, we’re looking back at No Doubt’s appearance alongside legend Elvis Costello for a special track that was featured on The Rugrats Movie soundtrack, “I Throw My Toys Around”.

The song was written by Elvis Costello and C. O’ Riordan and appears as the second track on the soundtrack. “I Throw My Toys Around” was recorded on April 23, 1998 and was mixed the following day. Elvis appears on track with No Doubt while Gwen sings about being a “little girl” and throwing fits. The song appears during the ending credits of The Rugrats Movie.

“I Throw My Toys Around” was re-released by No Doubt and included on their b-sides, rarities and remixes album, Everything In Time, in 2003.

The band performed the song live only a handful of times including during soundcheck and during a special acoustic performance in Los Angeles back in September of 2000. No Doubt also performed it during an acoustic session for Modern Rock Live in April 2000. Elvis also performed the song on his own during a 2009 tour stop in Australia.

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  1. Although the lyrics are kind of ridiculous I am fond of the melody. I have never seen the live performance of it before so thanks!

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