Song Saturday: “Hateful”

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For this week’s edition of Song Saturday, we’re featuring a fan request! We’re looking back at “Hateful”, No Doubt’s beloved cover from The Clash tribute album, Burning London, released on March 16, 1999.

Written by Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, No Doubt paid homage in a straight-forward and horn-infused cover which also featured rocker Billy Idol on vocals along with Gwen. “Hateful” kicked off the tribute album and was a notable highlight.

According to the tribute album’s Wikipedia, “portion of the proceeds from the sales of Burning London will benefit the High Risk Youth Program of the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.”

The album included a new photo of No Doubt behind the disc portion.

Thank you to Cynthia for sending in the request!

14 Replies to “Song Saturday: “Hateful””

    1. I haven’t heard or seen any live recordings myself, but a few retro fansites say that it was performed live. I looked over my set list archive too and I didn’t see it either.

  1. Such a shame. I’m sure this song sounds even better live. It feels like a lost track. I was disappointed when they didn’t include this in the EIT album, especially after including Sailin’ On and Oi To The World.

  2. I don’t recall it ever being performed live. Maybe it wasn’t on EIT because of Billy Idol? Good song, good cover. I wish they would do more of these one-off songs for soundtracks.

  3. La Femme reminds me of Old School No Doubt, that mix of surf/rock/electronic is what ND needs right now. But cool electronic music, not Pharrell…

  4. first time I have ever heard this song! And I have been a fan since 1996! Cool Song! I love the juxtaposion of gwen sweet cool voice with Billy Idol’s hard rough raspy tough voice

  5. For people that asked about liver versions… it will be hard to confirm it. The band recorded the song while recording ROS, so u guys remember… no concerts around that time. But, when they went on full mode to tour ROS, some of you remember they made pools to US venues with some gems to pick and they would perform it. Hateful was included in some lists, so there might be a chance they played live. Some info was bound to be lost, at that time the forum was brand new, and not many people participated.

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