Song Saturday: “End It On This”

Keeping in the spirit of the Tragic Kingdom era, this week we’re featuring a major highlight and fan favorite from the album, “End It On This”, for Song Saturday.

After Tony ended their lengthy relationship, Gwen took to her notebook and wrote some of her deepest lyrics to-date from the heart while writing for Tragic Kingdom. “End It On This” comes across as one of the band’s heaviest songs and ends the album on a dramatic high note. Written by Gwen, Tom, Tony and brother Eric Stefani, “End It On This” features gorgeous piano riffs and raging guitars throughout. Gwen’s gorgeous ab-libbing of, “Open up and adore me” in certain live versions still gives us goosebumps.

No Doubt embraced the song on the Tragic Kingdom tour and played it nightly around the world. The band still continues to breathe life into “End It On This” by performing it on almost every tour since it was released even as recent as their Los Angeles residency in 2012.

“End It On This” is regarded an all-time fan favorite from No Doubt and you can tell the band still enjoys playing it live after all these years.

3 Replies to “Song Saturday: “End It On This””

  1. Hmmm… I don’t see EIOT as a “dark” song?? Happy Now was her FU to Tony and this one has a more resolved strength and acceptance. It’s the perfect way to close out the T/G part of the album. My favorite live performances are LITTK and Holland (1997).

  2. Not my type of song. Sounds like a mellow song from the 80s IMO, and I don’t understand what they wanted to do, “transmit” or recreate with it… I also think It’s very Old School (it has a very No Doubt-ish sound) and very catchy. To me, this song is just that: a catchy song.

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