Song Saturday: “Different People”

For this week’s edition of Song Saturday, we’re looking back at another special and personal favorite from Tragic Kingdom, “Different People”.

Gwen has stated a on a few different occasions that her first attempt at writing on her own were to “Different People”. Written in late 1992-early 1993, Eric Stefani, Gwen and Tony take the writing credits for the classic No Doubt track about human diversity. Gwen said in an interview that after playing “Different People” (as well as a few other new songs written around this time) for her father, he encouraged her to keep writing and called the the band’s material really good. “Before that, there was nothing I was good at, and, all of a sudden, here was something I felt really passionate about.”

An early demo of “Different People” was recorded by the band that featured slightly different vocal melodies and guitar solos.

No Doubt debuted the song live in 1993, most notably during their memorable Glam Slam performance in Los Angeles.

The band has included “Different People” in nearly every tour since it’s debut and continues to be a highlight during the show. Most notably, during the performance Gwen will ask the audience to join in and jump with her during the song’s ending. No Doubt even included it on their 2009 summer tour while promoting their ICON release.

“Different People” also was performed by No Doubt for TV audiences once during their stop on MuchMusic’s Intimate and Interactive in May 1997.

Not only is “Different People” loved and adored by fans worldwide — but even the President of the United States. President Barack Obama put the track #1 on his 2012 Presidential Campaign Spotify playlist! Gwen told The Daily Telegraph, “How bizarre is that? The first song I wrote – which, when I read the lyrics today, seems so naive and young – and it ends up being one of the President’s favorites.”

4 Replies to “Song Saturday: “Different People””

  1. Honestly…I don’t hate it, but it isn’t one of my favorites. I do like the live versions from the TK tour though. I also thought it was really awesome when Obama used it in 2012.

  2. Love this song!! Jenny, the paddington dvd release date prediction is april 28th. Maybe “Shine” will see the light of day then 🙂

  3. Good song but I would personally prefer to hear non singles from ROS and Rock Steady like making out, suspension without suspense, too late, dont let me down, artificial sweetner among others on the next tour.

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