Song Saturday: “A Little Something Refreshing”

For this week’s Song Saturday, we’re looking back at the fun and quirky No Doubt track about wanting to eat everything in sight, “A Little Something Refreshing”. The song comes from the band’s self-titled album released in 1992 and is No Doubt’s shortest recorded song to date clocking in at 1:19.

Originally titled “Pizza, Coke and Ice Cream” in the early days, “A Little Something Refreshing” was written solely by Eric Stefani and comes across as a funny song to wrap up the band’s debut album with (along with “Paulina”). Eric vocals can be heard alongside Gwen on the album version. The song dates back to performances from 1987 so it may have been one of the band’s first and oldest songs. An early live version featured both an extended intro and breakdown.

No Doubt performed the song live a lot during the old school days up until 1992-1993. They often combined “A Little Something Refreshing” and “Ache” as a medley which seemed to flow perfectly musically and lyrically together.


I’m hungry
I’m starving
I want some food for my tummy

I want some
Pizza, Coke and ice cream
Popcorn, cotton candy
Marshmallows, milkshake, and peanuts
Would be so great
Pies, chips, candy apples
Twinkies, Frosted Flakes
Donuts, french fries
And some chocolate cake with mustard
Cookies, avocados, pancakes
Pineapple juice
Whipped cream on some raw meat
That’s not all I could eat

I’m hungry
I’m starving
I want some food for my tum…

I want some
Honey roasted walnuts
Pepperoni slices
Pasta and burritos
Different kinds of rices
Cherries dipped in chocolate
Cottage cheese and jelly
Colonel sander’s chicken
Still won’t fill my belly
Broccoli, sticky syrup
Churros dipped in sauce
Drippy sloppy joes

Then I’m full at last
Ahhh, ahhh
I’m full at last


7 Replies to “Song Saturday: “A Little Something Refreshing””

  1. This song is so personal to me, it really reflects the internal struggle that people with binge eating disorders go through and the difficulties they face each and every day. It has helped me through some dark times.

    Seriously it’s a fun song and the only ND song of which I didn’t know all the lyrics so thank you for posting them!

  2. This song is so so bad that is so good at the same time. lol It’s just a playful song. I love it for what it is though.

  3. I was born in 1995, but songs from the first to albums get me so nostalgic! A Little Something Refreshing is one of the highlights from the debut album, I wonder why did they stop to make funny song lyrics as ALSR and Ache (my favorite from the album).

  4. It’s a dumb song and I’m glad they (especially Eric) matured after that album, but like NDLOVER’s so bad that it’s good 😀 A guilty pleasure I suppose!

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