The Voice Coverage (Season 9)

Photo courtesy of NBC
Photo courtesy of NBC

The Voice airs every Monday (8:00PM ET/PT) and Tuesday nights (9:00PM ET/PT) on NBC premiering on September 21, 2015

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Welcome to our full coverage section for season nine of The Voice starring Gwen! Gwen returns to the iconic red chair as a coach for the ninth installment of NBC’s Emmy winning singing competition reality show, The Voice. She is joined alongside by veteran Voice coaches Adam Levine of Maroon 5, country music star Blake Shelton and Pharrell Williams. Carson Daly is also returning as host.

Advisers announced for the season include pop singers Selena Gomez for Gwen during the Battle Rounds and Rihanna as the Key Adviser for season nine.

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Links directly to to view full episodes from season nine of The Voice. Our highlights from each show are also listed next to the corresponding episode and feature live Tweets, photos and more. Subscription services may be required to few past episodes.

The Blind Auditions Premiere – Episode 1 (Highlights)
The Blind Auditions Premiere – Episode 2 (Highlights)
The Blind Auditions, Part 3 – Episode 3 (Highlights)
The Blind Auditions, Part 4 – Episode 4 (Highlights)
The Blind Auditions, Part 5 – Episode 5 (Highlights)
The Best of the Blind Auditions – Episode 6 (Highlights)
The Battles Premiere – Episode 7 (Highlights)
The Battles Premiere – Episode 8 (Highlights)
The Battles, Part 3 – Episode 9 (Highlights)
The Battles, Part 4 – Episode 10 (Highlights)
The Knockouts Premiere – Episode 11 (Highlights)
The Knockouts Premiere, Part 2 – Episode 12 (Highlights)
The Knockouts, Part 3 – Episode 13 (Highlights)
The Road to the Live Shows – Episode 14 (Highlights)
The Live Playoffs, Night 1 – Episode 15 (Highlights)
The Live Playoffs, Night 2 – Episode 16 (Highlights)
Live Playoffs Results – Episode 17 (Highlights)
Top 12 Performances – Episode 18 (Highlights)
Top 12 Elimination – Episode 19 (Highlights)
Top 11 Performances – Episode 20 (Highlights)
Top 11 Elimination (Highlights)
Top 10 Performances – Episode 22 (Highlights)
Top 10 Elimination – Episode 23 (Highlights)
Live Semifinal Performances Episode 24 (Highlights)
Live Semifinal Eliminations – Episode 25 (Highlights)
Live Finale Performances – Episode 26 (Highlights)
Live Finale Part 2 – Episode 27 (Highlights)

Season 9 Live Finale Press Conference



Select full performances from all rounds of The Voice. Gwen performed alongside her fellow coaches and contestants on the show.



Performances from contestants on Team Gwen over the season.

Blind Auditions

Battle Rounds


Knockout Rounds

Live Playoffs

Top 12

Top 11

Top 10

Live Semifinals

Live Finale



Promos released to promote The Voice including interviews and footage from season nine.



Photos from episodes, events and shoots that the cast has participated in for season nine of The Voice. Click on each thumbnail for more photos from each round and live performances.

Season 9 Promo Virtual Reality Promo Season 9 Interviews
Season 9 Press Conference The Voice – Blind Auditions Four-Coach Performance
The Voice – Battles The Voice – Knockouts The Voice – Live Playoffs
night2 liversults top11
The Voice – Live Playoffs The Voice – Live Playoff Results The Voice – Top 12 Performances
top12el 11p 11per
The Voice – Top 12 Eliminations The Voice – Top 11 Performances Team Gwen Performance
11res used_perform top_10
The Voice – Top 11 Eliminations Used To Love You Performance The Voice – Top 10 Performances
top_10elim voice_semis voice_semisf
The Voice – Top 10 Eliminations Semifinal Performances Semifinal Results
voice_finalep voice_liveff voice_finall3
Live Finale Performance Live Finale Part 1 Live Finale Part 2


Team Gwen

A tally of Team Gwen throughout season nine of The Voice. Most recent updates are presented at the bottom.

Blind Auditions, Battle Rounds, Knockouts

Contestant Performed Joined Eliminated
Kota Wade "Bring it On Home To Me" 9/21 (Blinds) 11/2 (Knockouts)
Braiden Sunshine "The Mountains Win Again" 9/21 (Blinds) 12/8 (Semifinals)
Ellie Lawrence We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off 9/22 (Blinds) 11/11 (Live Playoffs)
Noah Jackson Elastic Heart 9/22 (Blinds) 10/13 (Battles)
Tim Atlas Give Me Love 9/22 (Blinds) 10/12 (Battles)
Anna Ashbrook Closer 9/22 (Blinds) 10/20 (Battles)
Jeffrey Austin Lay Me Down 9/28 (Blinds) (12/4) (Live Finale)
Lyndsey Elm Lips Are Movin 9/28 (Blinds) 10/19 (Battles)
Korin Bukowski Cecilia and the Satellite 9/29 (Blinds) 12/1 (Top 10)
Alex Kandel Bright 9/29 (Blinds) 10/13 (Battles)
Chase Kerby The Scientist 10/5 (Blinds) 10/19 (Battles)
Summer Schappell Strawberry Wine 10/5 (Blinds) 10/27 (Knockouts)
Regina Love Like I Can (STEAL) 10/12 (Battles) 11/11 (Live Playoffs)
Riley Biederer Higher Ground (STEAL) 10/19 (Battles) 11/2/2015 (Knockouts)
Viktor Király If I Ain't Got You (STEAL) 10/26 (Knockouts) 11/11 (Live Playoffs)

Live Playoffs

Live Playoffs Performed Safe/Eliminated
Regina Love Hello Eliminated
Korin Bukowski Adia SAVED
Jeffrey Austin Say You Love Me SAVED
Ellie Lawrence Ex’s & Oh’s Eliminated
Braiden Sunshine Everything I Own SAVED
Viktor Király All Around The World Eliminated

Top 12 (11/16/2015)

Artist Performed Safe/Eliminated
Korin Bukowski Titanium SAVED
Jeffrey Austin Let It Go SAVED
Braiden Sunshine Renegade SAVED

Top 11 (11/23/2015)

Artist Performed Safe/Eliminated
Korin Bukowski Only Hope SAVED
Jeffrey Austin Dancing On My Own SAVED
Braiden Sunshine True SAVED

Top 10 (11/30/2015)

Artist Performed Safe/Eliminated
Korin Bukowski Same Old Love Eliminated
Jeffrey Austin Jealous SAVED
Braiden Sunshine Radioactive SAVED

Top 9 (Semifinals) (12/7/2015)

Artist Performed Safe/Eliminated
Jeffrey Austin Believe SAVED
Braiden Sunshine Amazing Grace Eliminated

Live Finale (12/14/2015)

Artist Performed Final
Jeffery Austin O Holy Night / Stay Eliminated (4th Place)