Seven Days Of No Doubt – Vol. 6: "Just A Girl"

The second to last video of the Seven Days of No Doubt series was posted today, the band discussed “Just A Girl” this time. Nothing new in the video either, just Gwen talking about how the she had the lyric for awhile cause she was in a band with all guys, all her friends we’re guys, and she had her own point of view. She never knew that people were going to take it as a “girl power” anthem, it was just more for herself. The first time the band heard the song on the radio was in Salt Lake City, and Adrian tells a story how he was in a phone booth and Tony screamed from across the parking lot that the band was on the radio. Apparently the band had the song for a long time — we can track it back to late 1993 — and Gwen always had the idea of the girl’s bathroom for the video.

We’re crossing our fingers for the last video to be about “Stand and Deliver!”

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