“Settle Down” Video Premiere

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  1. OH MY EFFING GOD!!!! I now this was a long wait and the band diserved a video this good but i NEVER IN MY WILDEST DREAMS expected it to be this stellar. How in this world in everything gwen displays, her source of awesome is never worn….

  2. The video is super fun and I can’t get over how much I love the chorus!! Gwen’s crazy eyes during the middle of the video are pretty awesome too! hah
    Noticed 2 random things though..
    1) Gwen might have possibly cut her shoulder during the shoot?
    2) The watches (promo scenes) show 8:25 which I thought was 9-25 at first glance..9/25=September 25th!, but it’s at 8.

  3. Ahhhhh! A couple quick thoughts:
    – To me, it seemed like they were each playing the part of an era (Tony/TK, Adrian/ROS, Tom/RS, Gwen/her solo stuff) and each of them come from seperate places and meet – AKA all of their past work has led them to this new album. Nice touch Sophie!
    – I didn’t care for the Loreal plug but whatever lol

  4. i didnt love it at all! they kept us waiting for so long and now what? Gwen’s solo work was much much better than this,this wasn’t even as good as Rock Steady record,much worse,come on admit that!

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