“Settle Down” Predicted To Debut In “Lower Half” Of Billboard 100

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Billboard have released a new article featuring the impact “Settle Down” is making on the radio right now; more specifically on the Rock Songs and Alternative airplay chart.

They compare “Settle Down” to fellow artist Green Day’s new song, “Oh Love”, since they were released on the same day and somewhat appeal to the same listeners.

Billboard also predicts the song will debut in the “lower half” of the Billboard Hot 100 and sold about 80,000-85,000 digital copies.

Billboard — Ahead of their highly-anticipated new albums, Green Day and No Doubt rocket onto Billboard’s Nielsen BDS-based Rock Songs and Alternative radio airplay charts with new singles.

No Doubt concurrently bows on Rock Songs at No. 22 with “Settle Down” (Interscope), the first single from “Push and Shove,” the band’s sixth studio album, due, like the first of Green Day’s three forthcoming albums, Sept. 25. The set is No Doubt’s first studio effort since 2001’s “Rock Steady.” The group performed “Settle” on the Teen Choice Awards, broadcast on Fox TV last night (July 22).

On Alternative, “Oh Love” and “Settle” debut at Nos. 7 and 22, respectively (as Linkin Park’s “Burn It Down” ascends 3-1). “Oh Love” marks Green Day’s 28th title on the tally (which originated in 1988), while “Settle” is No Doubt’s ninth.

“Settle” additionally enters Adult Top 40 at No. 23 and Mainstream Top 40 at No. 35. On Adult Top 40, the entrance is the highest by a group featuring a female lead vocalist in the chart’s 16-year history.

It’s not just radio that’s heralding No Doubt’s return. “I’m obsessed with ‘Settle Down’ anybody that disagrees is wrong,” Lady Gaga, No Doubt’s labelmate, posted on her Twitter account on July 19. “no this is not an interscope plug, I’m a fan.”

All charts will be refreshed Thursday (July 26) on Billboard.biz, including the Billboard Hot 100, which blends airplay, digital sales (according to Nielsen SoundScan) and streaming data.

Industry sources project 16,000-18,000 in first-week digital sales for “Oh Love” and 80,000-85,000 for “Settle.” It appears logical that No Doubt would start with a higher sum, considering the early pop/adult crossover interest for “Settle.” That No Doubt has not released new music in much longer than Green Day, whose last studio album arrived in 2009, would also seem to play into a greater first-week digital demand for “Settle.”

The sales of “Settle” should enable a debut for the song in the lower half of the Hot 100, while “Oh Love” may not boast enough of a total to reach the list this week. Clearly, both songs are making splashier starts at radio than at retail, a ratio in line with the typical trajectory of rock-based songs, whose sales tend to increase as they cross to pop-based formats.

8 Replies to ““Settle Down” Predicted To Debut In “Lower Half” Of Billboard 100”

  1. It got as high as #5, but I’ve been watching SD slowly fall lower on the digital charts. I was hoping the Teen Awards would bump it up again. I still haven’t heard it on the radio either :\ They need to get out there and do some promo!

  2. Amanda, I know what you mean. I’ve heard it a few times on my local alternative station (which still surprises me, considering what “Settle Down” is played beside with) but not really anywhere else. I really, really, really want it to sell well, I just feel like there needs to be more promo as well. I know the single only came out last week, and hopefully Fallon and GMA will spike up sales, too.

  3. Honestly I don’t think this song is going to go anywhere and that Teen Choice performance was kind of underwhelming… I hope they come out with a 2nd single quickly and that the second video is a lot more ambitious than Settle Down. I have a feeling Push and Shove is going to have a lot of great stuff on it so hopefully this first single is just a warm up for them.

  4. Well I love Settle Down and don’t understand why it isn’t a huge success! So many ‘not particularly good’ songs do really well, then songs such as Settle Down, which have so much effort put into them, end up not doing well, I’m so disappointed, I wanted it to be huge!

  5. I agree, I love the song too and I want it to be a huge success. I don’t think a 2nd single is necessary yet. They just need to get out there and PROMOTE! Every talk show, major magazines, maybe some festivals… I guess my fear is that if this record “fails” then they’ll quit.

  6. Beiber fans are taking over.

    I love No Doubt’s new single and want it to do well too as well as the whole album. I predict that things will start off slow at first, but when they actually start promoting, it will get better. I also don’t want them to stop making great stuff just yet.

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