“Settle Down” Debuts At #34 On The Billboard Hot 100

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It’s been revealed that “Settle Down” will debut on the Billboard Hot 100 at the #34 spot! This also lands them at #13 on the Digital Downloads chart with 87,000 singles sold.

Earlier in the week, Billboard posted an article saying that it was doing quite well on radio and would be debuting in the “lower half” of the Hot 100.

“Settle Down” currently has 3159 radio spins between 228 stations and the single is the greatest gainer on Hot AC (+920) coming in at #23. Ranks in on top 40 #33 and alternative at #23. Thanks Kristen!

2 Replies to ““Settle Down” Debuts At #34 On The Billboard Hot 100”

  1. It is! Especially for how little they have promoted so far, its incredible. I am predicting the single will shoot back up once they get on Fallon and GMA.

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