Second Video Added To Tour Widget; Band Talks About Writing "New"; YouTube Video Added

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Am I the only one who hates the videos in the widget? They never play for me correctly and the audio is off. I really hope the band decides to put these all on YouTube later on.

Today, the band talks about writing “New” on the road during the Tragic Kingdom tour. Tom states that the band usally doesn’t like write when are on the road. Gwen says she didn’t feel pressured, she actually felt excited about it. Tom talks about how he remebers him and Gwen in the back of the bus with a notebook and guitar and worked out the song. In that time period, Gwen felt like the band needed to come home and try to re-invent themselves as song writers, she felt she was really lucky on Tragic Kingdom writing for the first time in her luck. They also mention influences for Return of Saturn (which we already knew), Tricky’s “My Bloody Valentine” and different drum programs. It’s one of Tony’s and Tom’s favorites to play live.

Also, did you know that “Comforting Lie” was also a contender for the Go soundtrack?

They do show some behind-the-secenes footage of making of “New,” and shows Gabe laying down a pretty cool keyboard part for it.

You can check out the video in the tour widget on the right side of the website under “videos, March 1.”


Thanks again to Doormat96 for ripping for us!

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  1. Hey Jenny, I was having problems with the videos too but I think I figured out how to fix this. The current video automatically starts so if you click on the dated video, they will overlap and seem off. Hope this helps. =D

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