Second “Settle Down” Video Teaser

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We’ve added screen captures here!

It’s here! And wow. In the second teaser trailer for the upcoming “Settle Down” video (out in 9 days!), they actually give a taste of the video itself! It looks insane! Dancing, trucks, smoke, wild colors — looks like a crazy party! We cannot wait to see the video (and finally hear the song!) We will have screen caps up soon from the second teaser video! Let us know what you think!

We also want to make it clear that the music heard in the video is NOT from “Settle Down”.

No Doubt — Since you’ve all been waiting so patiently for the “Settle Down” music video the band has a little surprise for you. Director Sophie Muller helped pull together some of the favorite clips from the video and put them together into this short teaser video. Enjoy!

Both the single and music video for “Settle Down” drop on July 16th.

8 Replies to “Second “Settle Down” Video Teaser”

  1. I understand they’re trying to create hype, but please enough with the teasers. I’m very excited for the new music, but it’s becoming a little monotonous. Also.. I’m a little worried for the old school No Doubt fans… pre Rock Steady. Judging solely on the video teasers and even the new designs it seems like this album might be an extension of Rock Steady. I hope No Doubt’s new sound expands and doesn’t sound anything like Rock Steady. I do enjoy some tracks off that album, but I’d hate to see No Doubt repeat themselves. Especially after over a decade without any new material.

  2. How come I couldn’t be an extra in THIS video?? lol Looks great and super excited. I’m pretty sure no matter what it sounds like I will love it and even IF I don’t like it at first (I doubt it) I will listen to it over and over until I love it! Thanks for all the updates BSO and keep up the good work!

  3. Let’s not jump to conclusions before we even hear anything! I have loved everything ND has put out so far so I’m sure Push and Shove will be no exception!

    The video looks amazing!

  4. Hmm…looks like another masterpiece of pop art videography in typical No Doubt style is in our hands.

  5. Dear HMM,

    THis band has accomplished so much, have worked so hard these last 10 years — marriages, children, solo work….

    True fans will never be disappointed. We love each member for who they are and all that they contributed.

    Let’s not bring any negative energy into their new album. It’s all good…and I know it’s gonna rock!!!!!

    We love this band;,we love their dedication and their music is groundbreaking.

    it’s magic!

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