Screen Captures of No Doubt on Portlandia

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Click here to watch the video of the band’s short cameo on Portlandia.




No Doubt’s very brief appearance on tonight’s episode on IFC’s Portlandia just ended and here are a few screen captures from the end of the show.

In the episode titled “Nina’s Birthday”, No Doubt appears towards the end of the show in a hot-air balloon for lead character Nina, hired by boyfriend Lance. No Doubt appears briefly waving and wishing Nina ‘Happy Birthday’. Nina than shouts to Gwen asking her if Gavin has ever done anything extravagant like this for her or if her and Gavin ever fight. Gwen doesn’t end up answering the questions because she’s too far to hear. Bummer their appearance was so short though but still a pretty exciting project to be a part of!

Oregon Live — Nina’s inspired by reading about how Gavin Rossdale celebrated his wife, No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani’s birthday.

The party’s over, and Nina walks up to her door, depressed. Lance rides up on horseback, determined to make it right. In a callback to that Gavin Rossdale/Gwen Stefani article, he has managed to get Stefani and her No Doubt bandmates to appear in a bubble in the sky, waving at Nina. They can’t really hear her, though. But whatever.

4 Replies to “Screen Captures of No Doubt on Portlandia”

  1. Oh, as if it was so short, ah well I guess…
    It is a bit weird them being so short though.. A band which are obviously incredibly huge and successful, if they were making an appearance in a show, I’d expect it to be more lengthy, not just a little slot at the end which I’d expect from some band successful 20 years ago who are just trying to get any more little media attention they could scrounge….

  2. I agree with MDDUBEAU. This show is hilarious and the humor is smart. No Doubt at the end was perfect! The show did something similar with Jack White.

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