Rumor Patrol: Website Claiming New Album Release Date November 28

So the source has been tracked down. already have a pre-order for the album available with the release date of November 28, 2011. It is an odd date cause releases are usually done on Tuesday, or Mondays in Europe. I guess time will tell!

A couple fans have mentioned to me that this site has been really accurate in the past… but, hmm. Gwen did also mention that the album could be out in September recently (when she spoke to L’Oreal) but who knows!

Hmm… well this is interesting and a little far fetched. A blog titled “Music is the Heart of our Soul” is stating that the scheduled release date for the new album is November 28, 2011. There is no source or any information or anything really. We can pretty much think this is fake just due to the fact that it’s super early to release an exact date and like we said there is no source. But we just wanted to mention this and have all the fans take it with a grain of salt for the moment.

Music is the Heart of our Soul — Since reforming two years ago, information surrounding the bands new album has been scarce – until now. This week the album was given a release date. Yes fans, the album drops November 28th.

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