Rumor Patrol: Tour Dates Coming At End Of Week Or Early Next Week


So…thanks to Gwen’s My Life from the forum, it was mentioned on Mexican news (in Mexico) this morning that that tour dates “should be announced later this week or early next week.” It also seems like they are hoping that No Doubt take a turn down there as well, considering Adro did mention that they were maybe going to hit Mexico on the tour. We’re crossing our fingers for you guys!

Also, people are now thinking that the cities listed on might be more legit considering the fact that Fiddler’s Green is listed (a confirmed date *we think* on May 27), as well as some brokers are thinking it’s real as well. Hmm…we’re not so bummed cause we plan on seeing them in Las Vegas and flying down for a southern California date, but still…that list leaves out a lot of major cities…and fans.

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