The Boys Writing Songs With Operator Please Singer Amandah Wilkinson


Thanks to Rosie for finding, according to, the boys have been writing tracks with lead singer of Australia’s Operator Please, Amandah Wilkinson, for upcoming tracks for the Aussie band’s new album. It doesn’t list any more information on the project, and I don’t know how it’s going down, but it says it is confirmed… we’ll see if anything comes out of it!

Amandah Wilkinson, the lead singer of award-winning Gold Coast band Operator Please, has been writing songs with Gwen Stefani’s US group No Doubt.

Operator Please’s record company, EMI Music Australia, has confirmed Wilkinson has been working with some of the band without its lead singer Stefani.

A spokesperson for EMI told CC it was yet to be confirmed what the next step would be for Wilkinson, but it is expected the songs she has recorded will be included on the next Operator Please album.

Operator Please, known for hits such as Just a Song About Ping Pong, Get What You Want and Leave It Alone, has stormed the charts and won countless awards since forming in 2005.

Just a Song About Ping Pong won an Aria Award for Breakthrough Artist in 2007 and their album Yes Yes Vindictive was nominated in 2008 for Breakthough Artist and Best Pop Release.

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