Rumor Patrol: Reason For A 2012 Release Due To Interscope; “Easy” First Single

So… this doesn’t look official and there isn’t a source listed (sigh, doesn’t that always seem to be the case?) but another site is stating that the new album won’t be released until 2012 (they don’t say when) due to “politics at Interscope” (the band’s record label), not at the fault of No Doubt. I think everyone just needs to calm down at this point and let nature work it’s course. We know the album is on the way. This does add fuel to the fire that LA’s 98.7 FM claimed that the album wasn’t hitting shelves until the Spring of 2012 several times on-air. I guess we will just have to wait and see but we know that the band wants it out just as much as we do and are working day and night on it. Thanks to Ben for sending us the link.

The blog is also saying that “Easy” was hinted as the first single from the new album. We think it might be a little too early to say that.

What You Got — oh ! tears ! official !

so we just got word-up that the NO DOUBT‘s much anticipated album number six has been delayed until 2012 due to politics at Interscope rather than the bands fault.

to be continued.

and ps EASY is the first potential single off the NO DOUBT‘s forthcoming LP.

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