Rumor Patrol: No Doubt Touring With New Material

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Sorry for all the ROS going on around here, I’m just currently hooked for some reason. Anywho, so we can pretty much nip this one in the bud cause the band has said in multiple recent interviews that they plan on not playing any new material on the road this summer (well, Tom said that it would have to be 100% ready of they did) but, this new article says that they are planning to. Hmm, that would be sweet, but we doubt it will happen. We do hope for a little “Stand and Deliver” though!

It’s a pretty long article so I just posted the “vital” parts of it, found on Pioneer Times.

Following the release and touring of Rock Steady in 2004, the band announced their hiatus so they could explore new career ventures and start families. With a “best of” album containing a new track (Talk Talk’s “It’s My Life”), fans began to come to terms that this was most likely the end, despite promises that the band would return.

Then, on Nov. 21, 2008,the layout of No Doubt’s official website was changed, complete with a new black and white shot of the band. Journal updates have also been flooding in of their status in the studio for a new album. However, it’s an animated screenshot of the band in iChat that claims they are ready to tour:

“I think we should go out now, I don’t think we should wait,” cyber-Gwen stated.

“I’ll call management. It’s time to play,” replied cyber-Tony.

Could it be?

“Hey Everyone, as most of you saw from our little iChat…we have decided to go on tour next year while continuing to work on our album…”

It’s official. May 2 marks the beginning of No Doubt’s return to touring at the Borgata in Atlantic City with opening acts Paramore, The Sounds, Janelle Monae and Bedouin Soundclash. Respected for their erratic live performances, the possibility of this tour disappointing fans is nonexistent. Although people grow older and wiser, and trends go in and out of style, true musicians never lose their passion for performing. No Doubt’s devotion to music, their fans and having fun is still thriving; as long as that fire is still there, that passion is still alive.

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