Rumor Patrol: No Doubt Performing At Coachella Tonight?


So…the internet is buzzing that No Doubt are the special guest tonight at the band’s favorite festival, Coachella, in Indio, California. According to several posts on the festival’s message board, people “heard” them soundchecking earlier this morning — but some people are saying they didn’t. What’s going on here! Here are a couple of messages left on the board so far:

I just read from a reliable friend on Facebook that the campers can hear No Doubt soundchecking.

WTF? Could it be that all the “The Cure won’t play 2 1/2 hours” conspiracy theories were right?

maybe one of the bands soundchecking played a no doubt cover?

so people here have been talking about this. i didnt hear anything. some dude asked me if i head it in the morning. it would be cool i guess

Im about to go in so mind the spelling errors I’m on my phone. Anyway, I was at the El Paseo shopping area of Palm Springs at about 9am to look for a new pair of sunglasses (lost mine during MSTRKRFT). I find the store I was looking for and when entering the building I was told I would have to wait to go in. Now being from California I new that someone over pampered celebrity was in there. About 10 min later I saw Gwen Steffani come piling out with her body gaurd(s). Now couple with the facebook rumor of people in the camping area being able to hear No Doubt sound checking, this is turning into a solid rumor. It’s been confirmed, Gwen is in the building.… Which actually sucks if this is true and they play.

Our theory is no — but who knows! Gwen is apparently in Palm Springs at the moment, so I don’t know…we need confirmation! A lot of sources are coming out saying no as well…


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  1. I’ve been on a the production team for a few UK festivals and I can tell you that Hella Good is often used in sound checks at festivals. This is because it is perfect to hear all the different instruments over a large sound system.

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