Rumor Patrol: New No Doubt Album Released In The Spring Of 2012

So we are trying to look more into this, and we are not quite sure what was said, but Los Angeles’s 98.7 FM has stated on the air that the new album is said to have been pushed back to a Spring 2012 release. We are trying to do some more investigating, but it has been said a couple times on the radio and the news apparently broke yesterday. Personally, I find this really hard to believe… No Doubt has stated several times recently that they want it out as soon as possible and by the end of the year (Adrian was saying the Fall) so we are a little confused as to what is going on now. I guess we will just have to take the band at their word, but we cannot wait!

Thanks Amanda for the heads up!

7 Replies to “Rumor Patrol: New No Doubt Album Released In The Spring Of 2012”

  1. I hope it’s not true either. I was listening to Sunday Morning on 98.7 fm LA happy and cheery until the dj came on and said that. :/ *crosses fingers*

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