Rumor Patrol: More Proof Leading To Los Angeles Dates Being Added To Tour


Thanks to much to our good buddy Kristen for sharing, but she received an email this morning exclusively to Citi cardholders about the upcoming No Doubt tour, and it lists a couple of Los Angeles dates at Gibson Theater (which were rumored before) for July 27 and July 28, which is the scheduled “off” days as of now on the official dates list. That would be sweet if they did, there has been a lot of pressure for the Irvine dates, and this would take a little of it off. It says (or said, it looks like they might have been taken down…) on the Citi card website that the tickets would go on sale for L.A. this Saturday as well at 10AM.

Eric Keyes did deny the rumor of any dates in Los Angeles being scheduled, but he might have just said that cause there were not any scheduled before…or didn’t want to spill the beans…who knows. A couple of fans were told by Livenation of these dates in the past, we’ll just have to wait for an official confirmation!

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