Rumor Patrol: Is Something Going On In New York Besides Fashion Week?

Hmm… is it just us or is anyone else picking up on a good feeling that the band is up to something in New York pretty soon? And we’re not just talking about New York Fashion Week. Yes, we all know that Gwen will be/is in New York due to preperations and the L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers showings soon, but Steve is also there… and there has been Tweets by members of the Dumont and Kanal clan that they are heading to New York as well… just seems like more than a coincidence to us… what do you guys think? No Doubt… what are you up to?

EDIT — September 6

As of yesterday, Steve is now back at home in California (turns out he was in NY for a wedding)… so… at this point we are thinking people are just flying out for the L.A.M.B. show. But hey, we can still dream can’t we?

5 Replies to “Rumor Patrol: Is Something Going On In New York Besides Fashion Week?”

  1. I have noticed this as well.

    Well, Rock Steady was recorded all over the world (Hey Baby is a 7 city song) and one of them was NY…………and Steve has gone over there and ND are currently making an album and Steve doesn’t write the songs……………hummmmmmmm, I think they me recording something or somethings 😛

    And the partners (Nina, Erin and Mieke) can get free passes to Gwen’s fashion show 😀 – Well, aren’t they luky ?!?!?!?!?

  2. The VMAs are in LA this year so prob not… 🙁

    But I want them to do like a secret show or something! Ahh it would be so rad!

  3. I hope they do another secret show in NYC like the one they did bacK in 2001 at Irvine Plaza. That show kicked some ass. Can’t believe that was almost 10 years ago, dam i’m getting old!

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