Reviews From Fresno Are In!


So, it seems like reviews from this tour are positive all across the board, and local Fresno, California paper, Fresno Bee, posted a great one as well! They also call the highlight of the show when Gwen ran through the crowd, after she separated it, for “Just A Girl,” telling the audience she would “quit No Doubt” if they touched her! Good thing we didn’t let her down!

You could hardly tell they’d been apart for five years.

The members of No Doubt looked like they hadn’t missed a beat — let alone been on hiatus for five years — during their concert Tuesday night at Save Mart Center.

The Gwen Stefani-led ska/pop band rocked the arena for 90 minutes, going through what was essentially a greatest hits show.

Fresno was the second date on a reunion tour that will stretch into August.

“Fresno is one of my favorite places in the whole United States to play,” Stefani said at the start of the show, “and I am not joking you.”

On a spider-ish white stage that looked part “Star Trek,” the band cycled through crowd favorites such as “Hey Baby,” “Don’t Speak” and “Hella Good.”

Fans danced in the aisles and roared at Stefani and the gang throughout the night. Probably the biggest ovation came when spunky singer hopped off stage, bolted through the pit, across the arena floor and into the sections of seats furthest from the stage.

She headed back to the stage and did push-ups before launching into “Just a Girl,” one of the band’s signature hits.

Another show highlight was the band’s use of video. Like at many concerts, a huge video screen hung behind the stage.

No Doubt filmed numerous original videos to show throughout the concert. Perhaps, the most engaging though, was the video to accompany the song “Running.” It was a collection of old video footage from the group’s early years.

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