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Thanks Amanda Stevens!

Okay, first off I want to apologize for the lack of updates compared to last night — I am at work trying to do my job AND update BSO at the same time. It’s pretty frustrating! So, I’m adding all the photos that were sent into me at the moment, and I’ll be adding bits and pieces that I had trouble adding before. A review is already up at, and hopefully I will have a video of “Stand and Deliver” live up shortly.

The reunited No Doubt electrified The Bamboozle festival tonight, bringing this massive, sprawling, waterlogged festival to a close. A night after performing a sparkling show at the Event Center of the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City – the band’s first since going on hiatus in 2004 – the California quartet offered the shivering crowd in East Rutherford a heart-warming dose of power pop, ska, and soul-inflected gems.

By 9:30, the rain had stopped and only a chilly breeze remained in the night sky. With no new material to play (the band has said that it plans to write a new record while on tour), No Doubt was free to give the thousands who had braved the weather all day exactly what they wanted: a collection of old favorites and radio hits to sing along with.

The band opened with one of its earliest hits, the ska-flavored “Spiderwebs,” before moving onto the crunky dance track “Hella Good.” Two songs in, No Doubt had already displayed more musical range than many of the bands that preceded them at The Bamboozle. The slow-burning reggae tune “Underneath it All” was next, followed by “Excuse Me Mr.,” which the band transformed from a straight-ahead rocker into a Police-style, “Message in a Bottle” arpeggio piece.

In the hours before No Doubt took the stage, a number of bands in the same musical tradition did their best to warm the dampened masses. Southern California scene veterans Face to Face – contemporaries of No Doubt – made their own case for being the best punk band to escape the West Coast in the last 20 years, pummeling the crowd (many of whom weren’t born when the band started in 1991) with a fierce and rapid assault of genuine three-chord malice.


No Doubt also came in on’s top 5 memorable moments at Bamboozle last night.

2. No Doubt, “Underneath It All”: With no new material to promote on this tour, (Gwen Stefani said the only reason they were touring was to get some inspiration from their fans to write a new album) it’s basically “Rock Steady Part Deux.” But the island vibe of “Underneath It All” holds up quite well and the band is sounding and looking good.

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  1. There’s absolutely no need to apologize,Jenny-you have been doing an outstanding job providing us with all of these updates,we appreciate it very much! LOVE that review!

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