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And the results are in! We’ve put together the Top Underrated No Doubt Songs list voted by fans over the past few weeks on the site and our social networks. We asked you to vote on which songs from each of No Doubt’s albums did you find the most underrated. That could be either by the band (lack of live performances, promotion, etc.) or by the fans (most talked about, dream setlists, etc.). These polls also prompted great debate and conversation about what we love most from No Doubt and our opinions on what they could do differently.

Below you’ll find the top two picks from each album determined by your votes. The top one of each album came was the one with the most votes and some of the polls were pretty close. What we’ve taken away most from these polls is that the fans really, really love No Doubt ballads. Some of the band’s best work came in our list below and we’re really happy with the results. We’ve also included quotes from you on why you voted for picks as well as videos of each song.

Thank you all again so much for voting and your feedback! Enjoy!



Fans voted “Sometimes” as their top underrated track from No Doubt’s debut album. “Sometimes” was really a step back from the bouncy sound of the album and also stands as one of the band’s best ballads. Gwen’s vocals and ad-libbing sound so gorgeous and are perfect on top of the song’s beautiful melody. “Sometimes” features really pretty acoustic guitar which crescendos into a full performance from the band. No Doubt performed “Sometimes” live up until 1993-1994 and we think would be a great addition to a future setlist, partcualary an acoustic version.

I picked “Sometimes”, because I always thought that there was something special about this song. On the album it definitely stands out among all those upbeat and slightly wacky songs. Gwen’s voice sounds very “jazz” on “Sometimes” and that gives it a very special vibe. — YeahYeahYeah

“Sometimes” basically reminds me of an “original” “Don’t Speak”. The song sounds like an old Madonna ballad from True Blue and has gotten me through some tough times. “Sometimes” got my vote. — ImHomeNow



“Let’s Get Back” kicked off the band’s debut album and prepared No Doubters what to expect next. A unique sound that infused ska, funk and rock, “Let’s Get Back” is still considered an old-school favorite and holds it’s own over time. Though the song was never released as a single, No Doubt continued to play it on the road up until 1998 and was always considered a highlight in the set. Gwen was notorious for engaging the audience to jump along with the band during “Let’s Get Back”.

“Let’s Get Back!” I believe is the most underrated track, and sort of fortold the sound that would be theirs to keep. Much like the song “Where’s Your Lovin’?”, a strong track that was never released. — MAXXXYLEM

I voted for “Let’s Get Back”. It’s got great energy and an awesome horn ensemble. — Britt



We’ll go ahead and say it — “Greener Pastures” is probably one of the best No Doubt songs ever. Not only is a personal favorite, but it also won our poll asking you which track would have been your dream single from The Beacon Street Collection. “Greener Pastures” features a dark and moody sound from the band with haunting lyrics and vocal delivery. No Doubt didn’t perform the track after their independent album’s release initially but performed it while overseas on an early leg of the Tragic Kingdom tour in 1997.

I had a hard time choosing, but I went with “Greener Pastures” out of the sheer richness of the song, the lyrics are personal and the guitar is just like butter, so lovely sounding with this dark edge to it. — Johanna

I love the darkness of “Greener Pastures”, so I’ll go with that. — Amanda G



Written by Tom and Gwen in late 1992-1993, the song tells a story about a girl that was a love interest of Tom’s. With catchy and melodic verses, the song features a Spanish guitar sound and beautiful piano runs, and took a departure from the band’s signature style at the time. An earlier live version of the song exists that features a faster take on the track. No Doubt later switched “By The Way” out with another acoustic favorite, “Hey You”, during a few Tragic Kingdom tour sets while touring Europe in late 1997.

I have to go with “By the Way” as most underrated. Such a different sound from No Doubt and it’s always been one of my favorites – but I never hear fans talk about it much or see it get a lot of love. — Bradley

“Open The Gate” and “By The Way” are also favorites that deserve to be performed. — Amanda G



After Tony ended their lengthy relationship, Gwen took to her notebook and wrote some of her deepest lyrics to-date from the heart while writing for Tragic Kingdom. “End It On This” comes across as one of the band’s heaviest songs and ends the album on a dramatic high note. Written by Gwen, Tom, Tony and brother Eric Stefani, “End It On This” features gorgeous piano riffs and raging guitars throughout. Gwen’s gorgeous ab-libbing of, “Open up and adore me” in certain live versions still gives us goosebumps. “End It On This” is regarded an all-time fan favorite from No Doubt and you can tell the band still enjoys playing it live after all these years.

I tend to think anything not a single, or even a single that was not commercially successful, would be considered underrated. That is why I pick “End it On This”. — Hannah

“End It On This” is truly the best. — MAXXXYLEM



“The Climb” is definitely one of No Doubt’s best underrated ballads of all time. Written solely by Eric Stefani, “The Climb” clocks in at 6:39 on Tragic Kingdom and is also the band’s biggest song to date. Dating back to one of it’s first performances in 1992, though a much loved song by No Doubt (Gwen even shared that she loved singing it), the band has yet to perform “The Climb” live since the Tragic Kingdom tour wrapped up. “The Climb” was always a definite highlight on the Tragic Kingdom tour and the band incorporated dramatic effects including falling confetti, spectacular lighting and an untouched amount of energy to the song. And Gwen’s vocals are nothing but perfect on this masterpiece.

Tough between “End It On This” and “The Climb” but I voted for “The Climb” because it has such a buildup and is probably gwens best vocal delivery on any ND song. — Lisa

Exactly what Lisa said either “End It On This” or “The Climb”! — Claudia



Oh, “Dark Blue”. Such a gorgeous, sad, deep and thoughtful song that unfortunately never saw the light of day outside of the studio. Voted your top underrated track from Return of Saturn, “Dark Blue” features haunting melodies and lyrics from Gwen and closed out the album on a dramatic high note. No Doubt still have yet to introduce the song live to fans… which is a shame. We’re sure the band has their reasonings and we could see Gwen shying away from due to it’s lyrical nature. The experimental sounds and effects truly make “Dark Blue” standout on it’s own.

I think “Dark Blue” is an amazing song from ND well as everyone has said this whole album is. I wish they would go back to a more experimental sound like this when this album came out I thought they where on there way to very experamintal music but they went the opposite. — D

I find practically every song on this album underrated. I was going to vote for “Suspension Without Suspense” but then I saw they have never performed “Dark Blue” live which is really sad! So I voted for it. — Lisa



“Suspension Without Suspense” is notably known as the first song Gwen wrote completely on her own. The beautiful ballad features a dreamy guitar melody alongside Gwen’s soft vocals. She eventually lets it all loose during the bridge and has some of her best metaphorical lyrics to date. The song was only performed a handful of times during the Return of Saturn US tour in 2000.

Looks like it going to be “Suspension Without Suspense”, another amazing song off Return of Saturn. It always kinda reminded me of an older 70’s era rock song along the likes of Fleetwood Mac. I never understood why “Suspension Without Suspense” wasn’t released as a single… — D

I think “Home Now” is probably the best if not one of the best songs on that album that one & “Suspension Without Suspense”. — Freddy Agredano-Lopez



Produced by The Cars’ frontman Ric Ocasek, “Don’t Let Me Down” is probably one of the band’s best nod to the new wave genre. Everything about the song is perfection and fun and another personal favorite. Gwen’s lyrics are towards a lover telling him “not to blow it” presumably again with her. She’s still having trouble letting go of the past but she’s faithful she’s ready to move on… as long as he doesn’t let her down. The song’s melodies are gorgeous and the band sometimes treated fans to their acoustic take on it.

I picked “Start The Fire” but “Don’t Let Me Down” is truly the most underrated song, was used as the alternative single for “Hey Baby” in promotional use on KROQ and probably other stations. — MAXXXYLEM

I love “Don’t Let Me Down” but “Making Out” had the most hit potential out of the non singles so I voted for it. They definitely should add one of the two or alternate them at these summer festivals! Great fun catchy songs that are perfect for the summer stage. — Lisa



“Waiting Room” still is the top song that seems to polarize No Doubters the most. Fans seem to either love it or hate it. But over the years, people seem to enjoy it more and appreciate the song for what it was. The band worked with Prince and the group together came up with the track that almost made it on to Return of Saturn. “Waiting Room” features a heavy drum-beat alongside distorted guitar riffs and groovy bass drops. Prince joins Gwen on vocals and you can tell that the band really stepped outside of their comfort zones for the track — which some fans dug and some still don’t. But even if you like “Waiting Room” or not, it’s hard not to appreciate the creative risks put into it as well as Rock Steady as a whole.

Easily “Waiting Room”. Such a gem. So underrated amongst fans. — NDLOVER

I really didn’t like “Waiting Room” at first. It just didn’t sound at all like No Doubt to me. But I’ve come to appreciate the groove and the melody. I think it fits in well with the rest of Rock Steady. — Rose Marie



“Undone” came in as your top underrated song from No Doubt’s latest album Push and Shove. The song became an early favorite to the band while they were recording and once referred to it as a “gorge ballad”. Which it is. “Undone” is a very pretty song but it also features some of Gwen’s deepest and saddest lyrics to date in a long time. Gwen revealed she had reached out to Tony to help write lyrics to “Undone” which was a first for her. She had written the lyrics while in London away from her husband, which is said to be what the song is about. Though No Doubt have yet to play the song live for fans, Tom shared that he believes “Undone” will be challenging for the band to perform live.

Love, love “Undone”… and doesn’t Gwen like the blues? It really shows in this song. Most underrated for sure. — Happy

I hate the fact that they never played “Undone”, in one of the webisodes Adrian said that he couldn’t wait to play this song live… So, why wait? — NXD



“Dreaming The Same Dream” is brilliant — it literally sounds like a step back in time but modern. Gwen once referred to the track as a “prom song” and the band considered it an early favorite while writing Push and Shove. “Dreaming The Same Dream” starts off small and towards the end crescendos into one of the band’s best breakdowns ever. The ending is so powerful and puts a nice finishing touch on the album. We really hope No Doubt introduces “Dreaming The Same Dream” into future sets because it’s just perfection and really showed off their craftsmanship and class as a band.

Without a doubt, “Dreaming The Same Dream. The track should have blown up and it didn’t even get promoted. I am quite shocked that no one has used it in a feature film or tv show for a scene. It is too epic!!! — Lena

“Dreaming The Same Dream” was an amazing song off of Push and Shove. Reminded me of a ballad from the 80’s and it would have fit perfectly on The Breakfast Club soundtrack… — D



While writing Return of Saturn, No Doubt wrote a song titled “You’re So Foxy” which ended up not making the cut. Fans were aware of the album’s outtake due to the band talking about it to the media. The band included “You’re So Foxy” on their b-sides and rarities collection Everything In Time and performed it once for Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2003. Produced by Glen Ballard, the song features a heavy new-wave feel and could possibly one of their most melodic songs to date.

I also loooove “You’re So Foxy” but wouldn’t class it as underrated per say. — Leah

“You’re So Foxy!” I remember how awesome it sounded live. Could have been a single. It’s sad that Gwen doesn’t even remember the song though. — Lisa



Personally, “Leftovers” has been a personal favorite from the band way before they officially released it in 2000. Growing up, fans might remember the low-quality live version that circulated around and even though the sound wasn’t that great, “Leftovers” still came across as powerful and strong. No Doubt played the song less than a handful of times in 1996 and seemed to abandon it after that. While the band was recording Return of Saturn a couple of years later, they ended up re-working the song into a slower-paced reggae/dub track that is a strong contender for the best ever list. Thank goodness No Doubt included on their b-sides and rarities collection Everything In Time.

“Leftovers” – love it. In fact I’m going to go and listen to it now, thanks! 🙂 — Jo

Gwens vocals on “Leftovers” are her best in my opinion. Whatever effect they used should have been used on every track! — Doom


Do you agree with this list? Let us know and thank you again so much for all of your feedback and support!

25 Replies to “Results: Top Underrated No Doubt Songs”

  1. I think it’s a pretty accurate list. EIOT is the only odd one. It’s a fan favorite and gets performed regularly so I would hardly call it underrated LOL

    I would love to hear an updated version of Sometimes with Gwen’s mature voice and the boys playing acoustically.

  2. Awesome Jenny thanks for putting everything together. We should all tweet it to ND and hope they will see it and perform a few of the songs! Kinda interesting that practically every album has a ballad chosen. I guess ND usually stick to upbeat songs as singles and the songs they chose to perform live are usually uptempo so I am not that surprised.

  3. Yeah I also don’t understand why End It On This was picked… I guess some fans confused it as a favourite song.

    And omg I’d die if they performed Dark Blue live sometime in the future. I just hope Undone won’t follow the same fate. 🙁 They definitely need to do a live acoustic show and record it.

    (Just a little correction, “Leftovers” was officially released in 2000 as part of one of the singles’ B-Sides.)

  4. I think stricken and brand new day should have made the list as well. Gwen’s voice is simply amazing and the music is so perfect.

  5. Thanks for doing this Jenny. And thanks for the quote:)
    Pretty much all the runners up were the songs I voted for.
    I don’t understand how dreaming the same dream wasn’t number one. It doesn’t get better than that song.

  6. Dreaming The Same Dream is not only my absolute favorite ND song, but my favorite song period. I’ve been a casual fan since 2001 and a hardcore fan since 2006, and I never had a ~true~ favorite ND song until this one. When I heard it for the first time, I got chills.

  7. I love the list and it speaks volumes as it transcends across ND’s scope of musical genre’s. Undone is my top song! I recently started using it as a safe word for when I’m hanging on by a thread…It still makes me cry. It shows a vulnerability in Gwen that we don’t get to see very often…%❤ Gwen & ND…There isn’t a song I don’t like YET! ✌

  8. Thanks for posting this 🙂 Very interesting results. I think I can agree with most of it, but yeah EIOT is probably not exactly “underrated”.

  9. Haley — I think it’s too late to get quoted lol, but very nice comment. I think “Underrated” means “it deserves more recognition than it gets. For that, I am OK with EIOT on the list because I always felt it could be a single like Sunday Morning. I like it better than excuse me mr but it didn’t get a video.

  10. Awww… I heart Tom! I just saw his Twitter response. I hope this is a little nudge to perform one of these gems!

  11. It would be a nice treat if they started playing each of these songs for their upcoming concerts.

  12. Great selection for sure- but I can’t help but think about all the amazing songs that are so underrated that they didn’t even make it to the list of most underrated songs: Up yours, Where’s your lovin’?, I throw my toys around, Everything’s Wrong… (I love You’re The Boss too but that’s a Gwen colab).

  13. I’m pretty sure they have played Dark Blue before. I remember hearing it during the club tour in early 2000 — before the release of the album.

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