Report: No Doubt Performing at IBM Insight Conference In Las Vegas

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Though the band has yet to confirm, several Tweets went out this morning stating that No Doubt is indeed set to perform at this year’s IBM Insight conference held at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas happening October 26-30.

Adrian had hinted back in April that the band was possibly appearing in Las Vegas for a show later in the year. A recent Instagram post also seemed to confirm that No Doubt’s upcoming performance in New York City was the band’s only scheduled show of the year so this is exciting news!

The concert looks like it will be a private event at the conference, so tickets may be very limited or even close to non-existent to fans. You may register online for the event, but it looks like the conference is exclusive to IBM and it’s business partners.

We’ll keep everyone posted on the latest and it’s great to hear that the band are performing more this year!

11 Replies to “Report: No Doubt Performing at IBM Insight Conference In Las Vegas”

  1. I told you, guys that for once Adrian seemed to know what he was talking about. *sits back and waits for No Doubt’s new single to drop* AWW!!!

  2. A ND show is always good news. But this is funny. what is the bands relationship to IBM? Does this event happen every year with big acts?
    Wonder why they accepted this random gig. They must be asked often to perform. Why this? Maybe a friend inside or massive bucks?

    1. Cynthia, that’s cool! I find it a bit weird they are going to play occasional concerts around the time The Voice kicks-off. I hope it’s what I think it is… I’ll try to hold my excitement though…

  3. What a weird gig… and it’s not even open for fans? I guess IBM paid them quite a fortune to do this. So confusing…

  4. Remember when No Doubt went to Paris to help promote HP Connected Music in 2012? Maybe they’ll be doing it now for IBM / Apple???

    1. but at HP Connected Music in 2012 in PARIS the 6 th november at “Maison de la Mutualité”, the tickets (2800 units) were free and to win after random draw.

      i think it was a promotion for PUSH and SHOVE ?

      it was ONLY the second No DOUBT’ concert in FRANCE (the first in 1997) !! IT ‘ S NOT FAIR !!!!!

  5. I guess it’s just a money thing tbh. They obviously couldn’t use this as an opportunity to promote new music or promote the band since it’s a “private show” and nobody will ever see anything from it. IBM probably just booked them.

  6. Money is my guess too. Never a bad sign that they’re playing together, but I’m not going to read too much into it.

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