Report: “Looking Hot” Hitting Radio November 6

It’s been reported by that No Doubt’s new single, “Looking Hot”, is being added to radio officially on November 6. Personally, it seems like such a time off but might be a good move since the video is expected a little before or around that time. We will keep you updated with the latest on the single’s release. Some stations in California have been playing the track recently though.

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  1. From my other post in the Beacon Setlist thread:

    I LOVE your idea of a “Looking Hot” “remix.” There’s not a single No Doubt song that has ever sounded so much better live. That song didn’t strike a chord with me until the Ellen performance. Sometimes I wonder why, on certain songs, producers can’t seem to capture that obvious magic — the essence of No Doubt. I agree that if they just recorded “Looking Hot” one morning in a studio the way they’ve been rehearsing it, and layer Gwen’s studio vocals on top, the single would go from being fun/silly to fucking brilliant. Since singles are what sell these days anyway, I don’t see the harm in selling a different single version. It’s not like Pop radio is averse to, well, real drums or a loud bass. There’s actually a lot more of that now on Pop radio, even though there are still remnants of the shitty dance craze. I also liked the synths better in the live version because they were more 70′s/disco.

    I know they’ve shot the video, and probably to the album version, but they can just do the album version “live” (in studio) and then make the same radio edit for the single version for radio, and they won’t even have to re-sync the video. I REALLY HOPE YOU GUYS READ THIS . LOOKING HOT (LIVE VERSION) IS (1) AMAZING (2) A BILLBOARD HOT 100 NUMBER ONE. Not that I don’t have faith in the one on the album–I quite enjoy it, but don’t think it makes nearly as much of an impact.

  2. Thank you, Brige!

    And Vanessa, I agree! The live version takes it to a totally different place. The album version is amazing but hearing it live made me appreciate and obsess over it more!

  3. Is it playing on radio unofficially yet? Because the other day I heard it on German radio. I’m not sure if I believe that Germany can or will play it before the USA. But then again the record itself came out sooner aswell. Not that it makes any sense though. Just can’t wait to hear it more often on radio then.

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