Report: Hip-Hop Producer Jim Jonsin Working with No Doubt?


According to USA Today, Grammy award winning hip-hop producer Jim Jonsin (whom most notably produced for Beyonce, Usher, Eminem among others) is said to be working with No Doubt sometime this year. The article does just say Gwen’s name, but we’re assuming the whole band would be involved in the project. We don’t want to take much from this yet (remember Detail?) but it’s pretty interesting. The source is pretty reliable however.

No Doubt are confirmed to be back in the studio writing and making new music, which is said to be out this year. They were photographed in the studio with Swedish hit maker Shellback early last month. We’re really curious about this new material but we will just have to be patient.

USA Today — Although Jonsin’s passion for racing is only 2 years old, it nearly threatened to derail a soaring career that has seen him work with superstars such as Rihanna and Usher (he recently charted with two Usher singles, Dive and Lemme See) and next year finds him collaborating with Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani.

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  1. I think its good. They need to make a more Rock Steady 2.0 type record. I believe they worked with hip hop producers on that one. And I don’t see a Push and Shove re-release. It’s not like the album sold too well unfortunately.

  2. Probably that new music is something new and fresh. And of course that it’s always good to know that our favorite band is going to release new music.

  3. I really wish they would work with:


    Benny Blanco produces Maroon 5 but he has worked together with Switch before, who gives a raggae/dancehall feel to the records. That’d be awesome!

  4. If No Doubt start working with anyone thats produced Maroon 5, then I’m jumping off a bridge….. After Gwens solo career, can’t we be done with the super cheese pop for 5 year olds? Really there should be an age filter to make comments on websites. It seems people like to talk without thinking these days.

  5. I wasn’t saying I wanted ND to record a song that sounded like Maroon 5. ND did their own thing on Push and Shove and it’s an great album! On the other hand, I think it’s great they’re collaborating with other artists for 2013. I understand some fans may dismiss the band as a pop act, I am also pretty fond of the oldschool stuff but my favorite album happens to be Rock Steady and they collaborated a lot on that album!

  6. I don’t even care what they do next, I just want it to be upbeat! And I hope they are over the “overwhelmed” theme of P&S.

  7. The reason I think it’s a re-release is because Maroon 5 did it (for example) and it ended up helping their last album tremendously.

  8. This can not be a re release because Jim Jonsin and the other producer have such a HUGE difference in sound. He produces Pitbull beats and the other produces beats for Britney. Thats a mess if they add it. They should just release another album with 8 songs that are all “hits”

  9. I don’t want no doubt to lose there ska, and alt rock cred, we need more songs like undone and sparkle, I don’t know how this is going to turn out with no doubt working with shellback and jim jonson, unless its a gwen solo then I’d be very happy

  10. Push & Shove was a solid comeback in all honesty, but the album was much more polished, New Age Pop with Reggae undertones than anything. Even Rocksteady had more instrumentality than Push & Shove. Personally, I think if they could fuse more Reggae-Rock with what they did with Push & Shove, they’d appeal better. Like…say a fusion of Tragic Kingdom and Rocksteady, with a new, updated twist of some kind. Working with a rap producer…could be useful. I’m theorizing an EP of 3 to 5 new tracks, but I want to see a collaboration. An ideal collaboration I can picture…would be a collaboration between No Doubt and Travie McCoy of Gym Class Heroes. Travie is a diverse rapper who has worked with Alternative Hip/Hop, Reggae, and Rock in the past. Travie could easily throw in a verse somewhere and be opposite Gwen Stefani and sound good. Here’s to hoping!

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