Reminder: No Doubt Needs Your Help; Tour Kicks Off Next Week!

Received this last night in my inbox from ND — just a reminder to send in your “Just A Girl” impersonations for the summer tour! The deadline is next Friday! We’re thinking since the deadline is May 1, the video montage they will be making with the submissions won’t obviously show up until Las Vegas — which is 3 weeks from today! It’s all coming so quickly! Remember — BSO needs your donations or reviews, photos, videos, and more from the tour! Please contact us if you’re interested! BSO will be unveiling the tour project soon… it’s going to rock! We already have the first 6 shows covered, but we need everyone’s help!

Hello Everyone.

The tour launches in a few weeks and we need your help. We’re creating the video elements for the upcoming tour and want to include YOU!

We need you, your friends, family, loved ones, pets and anyone else you’d like to include to dress up like Gwen and show us your best interpretation of “Just A Girl.” So get dolled up like Gwen, get your video cameras out and dance, sing, jump, crunk or do whatever it is you do and send it over to us. We’re hoping to get loads of great footage to air during our performance of “Just A Girl” on the 2009 Summer Tour.

We don’t have much time so get to filming. Deadline for entries is May 1st.

Get out the red lipstick, the blond wigs and whatever else you can find and show us your best impression of “Just A Girl.” We’ll post your video submissions here on the site for everyone to check out. We can’t wait to see what you come up with and hope to show the world on tour! Go to to submit your videos.


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