Rare Photo Shoot Outtakes Found on eBay

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While searching for No Doubt goodies on eBay this morning, I came across listings for some really rare photo shoot outtakes, one notably from the band’s 2000 calendar shoot. The photographer, Jeff Bender, mentions that the photo shoot took place after the band’s performance in Pittsburgh. He mentions that it was shot late 1999 but it might have been a little later than that (No Doubt stopped there on the Return of Saturn tour in June of 2000). The shot is so fabulous — and you can have it for $200.


Another treat was also found under the same lister that features some unreleased outtakes from the band’s BAM photo shoot from May 1997. The lister mentions that photo shoot took place back in January of 1997. The two shots are familiar but different poses from the band. So cool! Again, these two prints are available for a hefty price of $200.

Photos courtesy of Jeff Bender.

8 Replies to “Rare Photo Shoot Outtakes Found on eBay”

  1. I loved that calendar…

    She had such awesome style then. Not that she doesn’t look good now, but her style during ROS was so cutting edge. She was such a rock star!

    Ok, the picture of them sitting on each other is a little weird LOL I liked that photo shoot too though.

  2. Amanda, I totally get you. I also agree Gwen had such an attitude and rock star/fashionista style it was beyond incredible back during the ROS. That shoot is one of my favorites ever and I’m happy to finally see another shot from it.

  3. Love these! Interesting little tidbit I want to share….I was at that particular show in Pittsburgh (2000 tour in which the photoshoot took place the day after the show) and some idiot had thrown something sharp on stage and it ended up hitting Gwen on her face – somewhere around her cheek. I recall her saying, “Fuck. I have a photoshoot tomorrow. I’m up here bleeding for you guys so you better fucking sing along to this next part…” The trooper that she is, she wiped the blood off with the drummer from Lit’s t-shirt and continued on with the show.

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