Rare Footage in “Discovering No Doubt 1991”

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Back in 2007, YouTube’s Raw420Films shared what is now classic footage of Gwen backstage before a show in the early 90s that has since went viral. Richard Alan White has now shared a video that he has directed and produced from a rockumentary titled “Discovering No Doubt 1991”, which features never before seen footage of the band sound checking and backstage at a show held in Irvine from 1991. While it has no sound besides narration, it’s pretty incredible to watch!

White says that he has a full “hour and ten minutes” of footage from this show and plans to release it at some point. He teases by saying that the band is performing early versions of songs but doesn’t reveal what they are to make us want more…

White claims that he also has footage from the Fenders Ballroom show back in 1988 and a multiple camera shoot from a show in 1989. He puts it out there that he would like to relase this footage if he gets enough monetary support (which you can donate here). White also mentions that he thought of starting a KickStarter for the project but doesn’t think the band would approve.

A short film with No Doubt narrated by the producer and director Richard Alan White. Way before KROQ 106.7, Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno, David Letterman or the mainstream media. Production shot in March of 1991. This short film is the extension of the “Discovering Gwen Stefani” interview launched here on Youtube back in April of 2007 which now has well over one million views.

The original audio sync is available. We have the masters with the original audio of this short film for exclusive licensing on your network for online or worldwide television. Contact us for more information.

4 Replies to “Rare Footage in “Discovering No Doubt 1991””

    1. Thank you Vanessa, I actually realize how frustrating it can be for some with my tease, or narrating over the audio. Sorry everyone. I’m working on it and of course the if it comes out great and the band likes it then it’s a go.

      1. Thank you Richard for visiting! Like I said in our emails, this footage is pure gold and all of the best to you and your team for getting it out there! You rock.

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