Push and Shove Zinepak Contents Revealed

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According to this new listing on eBay, Walmart’s exclusive Zinepak will include:




The Zinepak is available on Walmart.com for $15.88 (on sale) and should be hitting stores on September 25, too.

6 Replies to “Push and Shove Zinepak Contents Revealed”

  1. Ugh. I kind of want the book, but I can’t see myself buying 3 versions of an album I’m not even into. Blerg.

  2. That would be my third version too, but I will buy it anyway and I am obsessed with the whole album so I can’t wait to get all that stuff!

  3. I’ll probably get this instead of the reg. version, assuming Canada doesn’t get left out like we do for a ton of things. I’m waiting until the release to listen to all the songs, but I have mixed feelings for P & S.

  4. I know about the target version but what is the 3rd preorder are you talking about the rare one thats over 150.00 I would like that one but dont have the budget I will give them that kinda money when they go on tour lol.

  5. I bought the Speaker Box, preordered the iTunes deluxe edition and I will buy the Zinepack! 🙂 I hope my wallet can handle it…

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