“Push And Shove” Lyrics… So Far

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So, if you’re like us, you’ve been listening to the “Push and Shove” clip all morning trying to figure out lyrics. We’ve done our best, but wish we could get a closer look at the lyrics sheet! Feel free to help us out or tell us if you hear something different! We will keep updating our lyrics section with the latest!

… stop
… impact
… two stars in my world …
… when you’re ready we can …
… no buts, no maybes

Busy Signal
Buckle down girl …
Put a smile on your face …

La la la la vida …
We speed it …
Just when you think it’s over
We be on another …

You push and shove
I take the bait
It’s a risky business
Gonna play it anyway

Baby you get that, take that
I’m in the mood to …

Wanted dead or alive

You …

You push and shove
Oh, you got me

5 Replies to ““Push And Shove” Lyrics… So Far”

  1. La la la la vida loca
    We speed it up like soca
    Just when you think it’s over
    We be on another level like we doing yoga

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