Producer The-Dream Says He’s Been In Talks About Working With Band Later This Year

He we go again! After all of the drama last week about hip-hop producer Detail coming forth about working with the band on a new song for the album (which Tom later debunked via Twitter), this time producer The-Dream has said that he’s “talked about” getting together with the band later this year. We will have to see, this isn’t really breaking news at all, and it seems like nothing is for sure, but we just thought it was worth mentioning.

Billboard — Nevertheless, The-Dream will be working with plenty of artists as a producer and songwriter later this year. “I’m working on the Pusha T and Fabolous [albums] of course,” he says. “I’ve already talked about getting in with Gwen [Stefani] and the guys, No Doubt. I’m anxiously waiting to see what Mariah [Carey] is ready to do, and when she’s willing.”

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  1. I really really think Detail/The Dream/possibly others are being approached to try a remix…

    It makes sense because the last we saw was Gwen in candida seen leaving a recording studio on 8/25/11.

    I’ve tried to research as much as I can, but I could still be wrong about what I’m about to say. From what I see, the album creation process goes like this: concept formation, writing, recording (which is normally DRUMS first and VOCALS last), editing, mixing, then mastering.

    If Gwen is still recording, it means that the album hasn’t reached the mixing stage.

    Once the tracks have been mixed, I think they likely go to someone like Detail/The-Dream to create a remix. Of course, the original mix is usually the album version, and most of the time the single. The remix is introduced usually for videos, maybe a later (4th, 5th) single, or as optional versions on iTunes/single CDs.

    Everything gets mastered, then put on the album or the single
    CD etc…and they replicate it for selling.

    Anyway, with this process in mind, and with knowing that Gwen was in a recording studio recently, it would make sense if a remixer would be tapped to work with a song later in the year. It’s likely recording is wrapping up, especially since vocals are the last to go! After that, mixing will happen, remixers will happen, and the album will be mastered.

    After the mastering, it’s possible we will get a single released. And the single will promote the album release which is normally approximately a month or so after the single in most cases.

    I don’t know how long mixing takes, but I do know ND likes to perfect things – especially this album being the first in so many years! It’s gotta be perfect! I’m betting October/November for mixing/mastering, a single in November, and an album release announcement if not an actual release in time for December.

    If they release an album this year in time for Christmas, that would mean good sales for Interscope. And the promotion/singles/videos could continue into 2012 where we will likely find a tour announcement for the Summer.

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