Preview Of Upcoming Interview With No Doubt; “Take It Easy”

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Journalist Alan Cross posted a short preview of his interview with the band from yesterday. No Doubt shared yesterday afternoon they had spent the day with the Canadian press. Alan promises that the full 20 minute interview with the band (including audio and video) will be up before the album is out. He offers some highlights to us from the interview and includes that the band seems a little freaked out about how the music industry is today.

Alan also explains how he was able to listen to Push and Shove yesterday afternoon and names a few tracks that stood out to him, including “Take It Easy”. Is this the new working title for “Easy”?

Alan Cross — Yesterday was a bit rushed. Up early, drive to the airport, fly to NYC, cab to West 26th Street, 20 minute No Doubt interview. Repeat in reverse.

The new album, Push and Shove, comes out September 25th and is the first full album of No Doubt material in 11 years. I had a chance to talk to everyone in the band and the full interview (audio and video) will be available before the new record comes out.

I can, however, offer these highlights:

1. Gwen Stefani is as gorgeous as you think she might be. I was taken by her fingernails, each of which featured perfect tiny black-and-white checkerboards in the ska tradition.

2. The band is a little freaked out by everything that’s happened in technology since the last record. When Rock Steady came out in December 2001, iTunes wasn’t even a year old. The iPod had just been released six weeks earlier. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Wikipedia were yet to be invented.

3. There was a long, difficult period of writer’s block in 2005. It took going on tour to break through.

I had a chance to listen to the album. If you’re a No Doubt fan, you’ll be pleased. I really liked the title track. Other song titles include “Undercover,” “Busy Signal,” “One More Summer”, “Looking Hot” and “Take It Easy” as well as the first single, “Settle Down.”

Much, much more as we get closer to the release date.

5 Replies to “Preview Of Upcoming Interview With No Doubt; “Take It Easy””

  1. I think they got the title for “Easy” wrong… considering they also say Busy Signal is a song. lol

  2. wow! thats much social media has evolved since their last album! what the heck did we do before ipods, FB, twitter Wikipedia youtube…

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