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A press release has came out today with quotes from the band featured in their upcoming E! special airing on Monday.

TV by the Numbers — “The longevity of No Doubt is unexplainable. The fact that it’s been going on for so long doesn’t feel real. We are the last band in the world that would ever make it. We were just doing the opposite of what was popular so it doesn’t make sense…we’re fooling everyone.” – Gwen Stefani

(Los Angeles) – Since No Doubt burst through the airwaves in 1995 they have been a successful fixture in an industry filled with short lived careers and one hit wonders. Creating their own unique blend of Ska/Rock/Pop, the foursome has stood the test of time, with countless awards, Billboard hits and worldwide fame as testaments to their staying power. Now, 11 years since their last album and on the eve of the release of their new album Push and Shove, the No Doubt band members – Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal, Adrian Young and Tom Dumont – sit down exclusively with E! to speak candidly about the wild rock and roll ride they have been on as friends and musicians for the past 26 years. The E! Entertainment Special: No Doubt premieres on September 24th at 9:00 PM on E!

The one-hour special includes intimate details about their early years touring…

“It’s not until you’re really on stage and you see the people that actually are singing your life back at you that you go ‘wow, this is intense, this is really happening.’” – Gwen Stefani

…their early hopes and dreams…

“We weren’t struggling for fame; we were excited just to play the next show. And that energy and excitement grew.” – Tom Dumont

….reveals the young love relationship between Gwen and Tony and how their split shaped the music of the band….

“It was emotionally fatiguing. I mean, talk about reopening the scar over and over every day.” – Tony Kanal

…divulges the band’s wild antics…

“I did a nude stage dive and it kind of hurt a little bit. I landed on some poor youngster’s forehead and I’ll never forget that.” – Adrian Young

…the effect having families had on the group…

“So many things changed. I became a wife. That changed everything because before that I was married to those guys. There was nothing more important, it was our passion. So when I got married that had to change because your husband has to be your number one or it’s never going to work.” – Gwen Stefani

…and their highly anticipated new album.

“Push and Shove is just an extension of everything we’ve always done.” – Gwen Stefani

The E! Entertainment Special: No Doubt premieres on September 24th at 9:00 PM on E!

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