Pre-Order “Settle Down” Remixes EP Now On iTunes UK


Amazon Germany has listed the “Settle Down” Jonas Quant Remix on it’s website for a August 3 release.

With news of the Major Lazer remix of “Settle Down” coming this week, it seems as if iTunes UK has just added a pre-order for the “Settle Down” remix EP for a release on September 16, 2012.

Fans in the UK can pre-order the collection of three remixes (including one from Anthony Gorry) and the album version for £1.99. The EP is not available in the US iTunes stores yet but we will keep you posted! Click here to check out the EP’s page on iTunes.

1. Settle Down (Album Only)
2. Settle Down (Jonas Quant Remix)
3. Settle Down (Anthony Gorry Remix)
4. Settle Down (Stephen Hilton Remix)

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