Pre-Order Push and Shove Speaker Box Set and Photo Vinyl

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Wow! No Doubt has added a special Push and Shove Speaker Box Set to their website for pre-order! This set, which retails for $175, is limited to 2,500. There will also be a special photo double-sided vinyl available. We are also getting a sneak-peek at the artwork!

Click here to check it out and purchase!

– Limited edition of 2500 (once they’re gone, they’re gone) – this is the premier Push And Shove package, features 3 bonus tracks
The hand-assembled box includes:
– Rigid textured box featuring working audio speakers that function with standard mini-jack connection
– Custom twist to open 4GB flash drive containing album audio in .wav and .mp3 formats with digital booklet
– Hardbound 24 page booklet with audio CD
– Pearlized guitar pick featuring black foil stamping including facsimile printed band signatures
– Commemorative laminate with printed lanyard (collectors item, sorry – no backstage access)
– Fold-out photo poster
– Accordion fold 5 postcard set
– Vinyl sticker
– Custom-cut charcoal foam contents tray
– Individually numbered

Orders received by September 18 will ship for delivery on the album’s release date, September 25, in most areas.

1. Settle Down
2. Looking Hot
3. One More Summer
4. Push And Shove featuring Busy Signal and Major Lazer
5. Easy
6. Gravity
7. Undercover
8. Undone
9. Sparkle
10. Heaven
11. Dreaming The Same Dream
12. Settle Down Acoustic – Santa Monica Sessions
13. One More Summer Acoustic – Santa Monica Sessions
14. Looking Hot (Jonas Quant Remix)

Side One: EL MAC album cover image
Side Two: No Doubt photo image
Comes packed in a stickered clear plastic display sleeve.

14 Replies to “Pre-Order Push and Shove Speaker Box Set and Photo Vinyl”

  1. Mediocre album? And you say that with only 1:30 of each songs? Wow, now let me ask, what are you doing here? Are you a fan? Personally, I want it and I might buy it in a few minutes…

  2. Why do they always come out with the coolest shit when I don’t have any money, lol. I would totally buy it if I had 175 bucks. And I bet they will sell every single one too. Oh well, at least I’m getting the album on the 25th.

  3. I’ll just pre-ordered the Target 2 Disc Deluxe Edition,but since i’m a huge ND fan i’ll ask for this for a XMAS gift(hopefully their still avaliable by then!)

  4. If I weren’t in college I would have pre-ordered when I first saw it. Really cool, but it’ll really just sit there. If it were less I’d get it. Kinda want that vinyl though. Question: any more info on the zinepak yet, Jenny?

  5. I’m having such a hard time with this! I want to know what all the different deluxe-awesome-super-packs are before I choose one…especially if it means I have the chance to spend $175 and then a better super deluxe whatever pack gets released and I can’t afford it because I got this one…decisions decisions!! Haha.

  6. Yeah, I agree about the steep price. I’d love to have it, and I might even scrape the money together if it was more than (mostly) a lot of fancy packaging, but I can’t afford to spend that kind of money for a few bonus tracks.

  7. For real? 175? That’s a ton of money. I’m thinking about buying it but id rather go to 2 concert of theirs instead.

  8. This price is embarassing and rude. I think Interscope wants to earn a lot of money with No Doubt and thier new record. They are just string puppets to sell lots of records. If you want, don’t consider me a fan anymore… 🙁

  9. Well, call me a sucker, but I can say that I have many well preserved momentos of their entire career, and this will only help join my collection grow. I shouldnt have spent the money, but there is only one time this will be offered… So, I’m in!

  10. $175 for only 3 bonus tracks and a few bells and whistles? Seems like the Target promo is better… I’m sticking with that one LOL

  11. i have 50 bucks and im 11 125 more bucks till i get this i want this so bad tony give the box set to me i want it sooo bad its alot of money i got the orange crate for 60 bucks i could have bought 2 of them for the price of this but this looks so worth it its so awesome welll i dont know how awesome it is in life but it looks so awesome it looks so cool with all the stuff i think one of the reasons it costs so much is beacause of the speakers it would be cool if it played a cd!!!!

  12. just ordered it fially im so happy its exposed to come tuesday please come put together and undamaged please so happy i got this cant wait to get it!

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