Spoiler? A Fan Reviews “Settle Down”

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So… a fan has posted on the official forum their review of No Doubt’s new single, “Settle Down”, which they apparently listened to a few times this afternoon. From what we’ve read, it sounds out of this world, but we can’t confirm this is real or not at this time. To prevent possible spoilers for fans, we’ve placed the review under a cut for those who want to be surprised! The fan confirms though that band should dominate the charts with this fresh, very catchy, and very No Doubt track.

I got an opportunity to hear “Settle Down” a few times recently, I loved it. Anyone worried No Doubt may have lost their ability to create a great pop song, or were worried we’d see them sacrifice their sound for Top 40 success by giving us a Dr. Luke rehash — Stop, this is classic No Doubt. A perfect blend of the styles we’ve seen from their past albums, but it won’t draw direct comparisons to any of their past hits. It’s fresh, but it’s still VERY No Doubt before it all.

The chorus has Gwen belting out and the instrumental is a total jam out moment; in that respect it brings back memories of TK or ROS than RS.

However, those looking for the more off-beat styling of RS won’t be disappointed in the verses & hook. The verses see Gwen responding to herself in the background in a rhythmic-like speech; “No big deal (I can handle it), It can bounce off me (I can handle it)”, “Here we go again (Are you kidding me) Are you insane (Are you kidding me)”.

The hook goes “Ge-ge-get in line and settle down yyeaahhhhh in line and settle down” & it’s repeated before the verses. It’s really catchy. The song is lots of fun, but still deals with a theme that resonates further than the dance floor and perhaps offers some insight to how they’ve been feeling. The song opens with the line “Once you’re twenty, where’s your ring?” Gwen is both assuring herself she is “rough and tough, nothing’s gonna knock this girl down”, but still is seemingly struggling to fully “get a hold on this”. Classic No Doubt stuff lyrically.

Touching back on the issue of Top 40 potential. While there is nothing that sounds like it on radio right now, it’s SO catchy. Like, if there’s any vehicle that’s gonna bring them back without sacrificing their identity, it’s probably this.

12 Replies to “Spoiler? A Fan Reviews “Settle Down””

  1. i have to agree with cesar. sounds amazing. no big deal though. probably not real. but thanks for sharing, as always, bso! 🙂

  2. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. and it’s real- they wouldn’t quote lyrics with such detail if it wasn’t. BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sorry but I think you shouldn’t post this sort of stuff, especially when you are not sure this is really true. If this was a reliable source then it would be OK and we’d all embrace it. This sounds too fake to be true. And it’s kinda unfair to the band.

  4. I’m not going to say this is fake. I worked in radio for a while (Z100 in NYC) and I got to hear tons of new music before anyone else. Heck, I even got “The Sweet Escape” album 3 weeks before it was released. I believe this person and CANNOT WAIT to hear it!

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