Poll: Which Song Would You Not Mind Being Cut From The Setlist?

The time has come! So, keeping in the spirit of tour news, we wanted to hear your opinion about the upcoming setlist. So, we already know that the majority of it will be a reminder of The Singles tour, but if you had to choose one, which song would you cut out? I took some out of the less obvious ones (“Running,” “Trapped In A Box,” and “Excuse Me Mr.” I believe) and you have basically the greatest hits to choose from. Thanks to everyone in advance for voting and making our polls huge successes!

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Also, and here are the results for our last poll, it seems that the majority of everyone is just happy the band is going on tour, regardless of their opening acts, then following close behind are voters who think the acts could have been chosen a little better.

I’m just excited for a tour! – 30%

Could be better – 26%

Dream come true! – 19%

Pretty pumped – 18%

Wait, who? – 7%

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  1. This is a really tough one. I love all those songs. But I voted for It’s My Life. In my opinion, Don’t Speak is a No Doubt classic. They HAVE to sing that on tour… :):)

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean about “Don’t Speak,” I think they should re-work it though for the new tour, that would be awesome. I voted for “Simple Kind Of Life,” sorry Gwen.

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