Poll: Which Song From Push and Shove Are You Most Excited For?

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If you’ve checked out the previews of Push and Shove, after listening, which song are you most excited for now?

31 Replies to “Poll: Which Song From Push and Shove Are You Most Excited For?”

  1. This record doesn’t sound like Rock Steady or Tragic Kingdom… It sounds like PUSH AND SHOVE and is FREAKING AWESOME. Good music people.

  2. I’m disappointed. This record doesn’t sound like anything they did before… It sounds kinda boring and has no wit. “Looking Hot” and “Push And Shove” are really, really bad. It sounds like Katy Perry gave her b-sides to the band. The lyrics are pretty bad too. Looks like they have nothing to say and I think Gwen’s new word is “hustler”, or “hustlin'”. I’m not sure if I’ll buy this record.

  3. Everything is very mellow!! I really like the vibes though, a few of the songs sound quite similar though. I definitely think One More Summer and Easy should be singles.

  4. Omg!! These songs are so good! There is not one I do not like. If I had to choose a few that stand out they would be: “One More Summer”, “Sparkle”, “Settle Down”, “Easy”, and “Dreaming the Same Dream”. Most of the tracks sound very laid back and relaxing actually so it is a totally different sound for the band.

  5. It doesn’t sound much like No Doubt to me. It’s a little too pop in my opinion and I kinda hoped for moe horns and guitar. Some song sounds a little bit like the late 80’s new wave and I’m not sure about those. Still, there are some really great songs: Settle Down, Push and Shove, Sparkle, Heaven, but then again, I’ll have to hear the whole record.

  6. My ranking of the new songs after listening to each sample 3 times:
    1.One More Summer
    2.Settle Down
    6.Push and Shove
    9.Dreaming the Same Dream
    10.Looking Hot

  7. The album is definitely not what I expected but change is good. At first I thought it was a gwen stefani album but It’s been 10 yrs from the last album, and a new music industry. I can’t wait to hear these songs live. Change is good and I hope their music makes the radio.

  8. I’m really surprised that some people thought this would be a ska or ska-ish album. I always thought it was going to be new wave, with some ska and reggae elements, even with the bands descriptions. They did a really good job on this, no filler at all based on my opinion. Plus it still sounds better than the poop on the radio right now…

  9. Sparkle(A+++), P&S, One More Summer, Looking Hot are my favorites. I think at least half of this album sounds like straight up Gwen solo though… vocals/lyrically and musically. I’m shocked by that. It’s also mostly a lot more mellow than I thought it was going to be.

  10. I am a libra man,my name is larry steininger. I love all of No Doubt music. I love you Gwen my phone number is 1-626-915-8635

  11. I still think this is the solo Gwen meets No Doubt album. It’s the best way to describe it. I’m not saying that’s good or bad…I’ll wait until I can hear the whole album! I do agree that it looks like Gwen has run out of things to say…which makes sense as her life is pretty stable in all areas as far as we know. Not many of the new songs stood out to me yet. I guess it’s too overwhelming LOL I am excited to hear more of Undone though. It has an interesting country feel to it.

  12. I agree with Zeek, but I guess we’ll have to wait until the release date for enjoy it more. And it’s not that the new songs aren’t good (previews), I think ‘Push and Shove’ will be overall a really good album, it’s just not what I was waiting for! But well, I’ll take everything that No Doubt would make! I love them so much…

  13. In my opinion, here’s the order of my favorites previews…

    1. Sparkle
    2. Push and Shove
    3. Settle Down
    4. Looking Good
    5. Undercover
    6. Undone
    7. Dreaming the Same Dream
    8. One More Summer
    9. Heaven
    10. Gravity
    11. Easy

  14. so far my favorites have to be gravity easy and settle down, i gotta say its so not what i expected but then again i have to listen to the album as a whole to its entirety but I’m not gonna say I’m disappointed. of course their sound is gonna be different i do agree with everyone saying that its very mellow that was surprising i was hoping for something more up beat, just more guitar and horns but I’m happy and glad they’re back together and making music!

  15. @LARRY STEININGER, good luck with that, LMFAO!

    I don’t know what to think about the previews, I have to wait until the album comes out. But they did sound good. 😀

  16. The biggest difference is that Gwen does not shout/sing with a naughty voice/take risks as she did before her solo stuff (based on the previews!!)… She is singing with a very “professional” voice, so it all sounds mellower. Plus, having babies makes musicians softer, Alanis Morissette is an example. Anyway, I think it will be a great album and the standout track will be Sparkle.

  17. My question? What are people expecting from the album? Tragic Kingdom 2.0 or Return of Saturn 2.0? Ska? Rock? Expectations are always a bit distorted when it comes to No Doubt fans.

    Many can’t admit that No Doubt can create quite wonderful melodic pop music with an 80s edge (just look at Rock Steady), which is exactly the essence of the album in my opinion. And that’s quite quite fine by me. It sounds mellow but very very beautiful.

    And what if it sounds like Gwen? Most of Gwen’s first album (and even the second) sounded like late-era No Doubt.

    No Doubt are not just the same feisty ska-rock band, they’re also a compendium of pop and rock elements shining in perfect harmony 🙂

  18. Stop calling it new wave to make it look cool. most of the songs sounds like polish shopping mall songs. very 2012, not 80s at all. Like katty perry winning, seriously, try to be objective for once. the acoustic versions, undone and sparkle saved the day.

  19. Considering how they selected the previews, I can’t make a good critique. Of course I need to hear everything in full. But…I’ll admit I made the mistake of having some kind of expectation. I never I wanted them to do what they’ve done before but at the same time, my immediate reaction to hearing these samples: They’re catering to “new wave pop” sounds that has been trending recently. I’m hearing a more tamed Gwen and a subdued band. I wish I could hear more of the musical personalities from the rest of the band.

    I wish there was less synth…some of it sounds over produced too.

    I will not make any kind of final judgment until the album is in my hands to listen a few times in full.

    And as mentioned above, the writing is a bit vanilla so far. Maybe when some of these songs are played live it would be better w/o the pro tool effects?

    We’ll see.

  20. Well Gwen has become more stable and matured as a woman…maybe her songwriting has too….but I think her vocals are still exquisite, expressive and it seems she still retains the same bittersweet honesty that has been her trademark songwriting and lyrical style over the decades (some of this is very ROS but with a different Gwen)
    I would have to differentiate the songwriting though as ‘vanilla’. I think it’s clearly more tame and has less rage, but it’s not vanilla…I believe there is a kind of pleasant, honest wistfulness in the songs , but I think Gwen pioneered that type of songwriting tone years ago….just listen at something like ‘Magic’s in the Makeup’ or ‘Too Late’…I think it’s something that has influenced a whole generation of songwriters, you can hear that a lot in people like Kelly Clarkson or Katy Perry.
    Regarding the production, I don’t believe that it being more glossy, slick or overproduced whatever is necessarily a bad thing. Rock Steady was much more artificial-sounding and electronic and I didn’t like it less for it. I don’t mind production values when it comes to reaching good pop moments in music (No Doubt is both a POP and ROCK band remember). I don’t also think they’re trending to anything….let’s remember their cover of It’s My Life was the first commercial single of the past decade to be so blatantly 80s…It has always been part of their essence, and it is never gonna come out forced, in my opinion.
    My only critique is that there aren’t too many ‘rocking’, feisty moments except ‘Looking Hot’…’Undercover’ was supposed to be ‘rocking’ but actually sounds quite laid-back.

    I wanna judge the album when I hear it in full, but until now, I love this new direction.

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