Poll: What Was Your First No Doubt Tour?

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It’s day four of our poll week and we want to know which tour was your first to see No Doubt live! Were you one of the lucky fans that got to check them out before they broke out big? The intimate club tour when they teased fans with new tracks from Return of Saturn? Or was it one of Gwen’s solo tours or the most recent 2009 reunion tour?

We’ve broken it down to the most known and popular tours (for both No Doubt and Gwen). Thank you for voting and we would love to know what and where your first show was!

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4 Replies to “Poll: What Was Your First No Doubt Tour?”

  1. 2002 Rock Steady Tour in Buffalo, NY! I don’t remember much of it though. We had crappy seats. The 2009 tour was a much better experience for me.

  2. Waiting for them to come to Brazil. But I think it’s really hard ’cause they don’t want to tour outside the U.S.

  3. I want to see them so badly! 🙁 I’m 15 and i live in Serbia, it would be the best if they came to Balkan, they are my favourite band!

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