Poll: What Was Your Favorite “Settle Down” Performance?

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Alright, No Doubters! Now that it’s settled down (we had to!) around here for a minute, we want to know what was your favorite performance of the week? The band treated us to three different performances of the new single: Teen Choice Awards, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Good Morning America.

We want to know which performance was your favorite!

4 Replies to “Poll: What Was Your Favorite “Settle Down” Performance?”

  1. I loved her outfit the best at teen choice, and I loved her pants at Jimmy Fallon. Okay so I voted based on outfit, all the performances were great!

  2. i really like all the shows, anytime i can see gwen and no doubt. but i have to pick good morning america show. i like the big concerts setting , got more than one song. bigger crowd !!!!!

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