Poll: What Tour Would You Go Back and See?

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We’re continuing our poll week with another fun one: which tour (past or present) would you like to go back and see the most? It could be a tour that you had missed out on, would love to relive again, or just your favorite overall. We included Push and Shove as well for those that missed out on the Los Angeles leg late last year or are wanting to see No Doubt this summer. Let us know below in the poll and thank you so much for contributing and commenting making these posts super fun!

12 Replies to “Poll: What Tour Would You Go Back and See?”

  1. I would go back and see the TK tour. I was about 14 when they toured for that record and I would have given anything to see them back then. Still would. 😀

  2. Definitely any shows before the Tragic Kingdom tour. I’ve been to every tour at least twice.. saw them a bunch during the TK tour.. even early TK when they opened for Bush! I remember when I saw my last TK show and it was towards the end of their US leg and Gwen came out with that very short spikey hairdo.. it was a surprise! Someone in the crowd even screamed “WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR?!” and she replied “I needed it dude!” I’ll never forget that! I caught some of the flowers she threw out to the crowd that night and still have them! I even still have the tiny confetti that fell down at the beginning of The Climb.. so many great memories through the years!

  3. I had a second row center ticket to their Tragic Kingdom show in Tinley Park, IL. My ride (friend’s mom) backed out the night before, and my mom didn’t want to drive that far. Between missing their small Chicago show for Return of Saturn (sold out), Rock Steady and the Singles (because of military service), and the last summer tour (money) I have yet to see them live. I don’t think anything can stop me from getting the best seats possible for the Push and Shove tour. I feel like it will fill some kind of hole in my soul.

  4. Well, I saw them during the TK-era at THE show (Live in the Tragic Kingdom, that is). But I’d really would’ve liked to have seen them during the small club tour for ROS when they did “Jumping Someone Else’s Train” and/or the RS arena tour when they performed with Distillers and Garbage and ended the set with “Call Me.”

    Either of those would have just been sublime.

  5. So the fav album here is ROS but fav tour is TK? Hmmmmm ok I guess I kinda can see that, TK would be more of a fun bouncy rock show, while ROS was for sure a little more toned down. I guess most people might have a funner experience at a TK show all though the ROS shows I hit are some of the best shows I’ll ever see in my life from any band. I remember seeing Gwen cry on stage during the ROS tour, man those we’re some deep shows, maybe the deepest I’ve ever seen….

  6. I never saw them live, but I guess the TK shows were rawer, less produced, more energetic. That I would have liked to see…

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