Poll: What Songs Should Get Cut For the Upcoming Tour?

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With the band in full rehearsal swing and the Gibson shows coming up quick, we wanted to know what “classic” songs would you mind not having in the set anymore! So far we know that “Spiderwebs”, “Hey Baby”, “Ex-Girlfriend”, “Push and Shove” and “End It… On This” are getting rehearsed (“Total Hate” also won the fan favorite poll for the upcoming tour). Vote and let us know in our poll which songs (you can pick up to 3!) should get cut in your opinion to make room for new material!

14 Replies to “Poll: What Songs Should Get Cut For the Upcoming Tour?”

  1. Jenny:

    You know I love you for what you do and your site :). I am so grateful that you are doing this for all of us. I have a few suggestions to make this poll more effective. I hope you aren’t offended and will take them into consideration.

    (1) They have so many hits, and I’m pretty sure that the majority of fans would rather hear as much new material now as possible, given that the next time we see them live, we’ll probably only get to hear 1-4 cuts from this record at most. On that note, if you don’t change any of the rest of my suggestions (which I think are more insightful) can you make it so that we can cut four or five songs?

    (2) There are certain songs they just won’t cut: “Don’t Speak,” “Just A Girl,” “Spiderwebs,” “Hella Good,” and “Underneath It All.” So to that effect, it’d be silly to waste a vote on any of those.. I’d leave Hey Baby,” because they’re well aware of how divisive fans are about that song. On that note, could you eliminate those options?

    (3)Also, just because they’ve rehearsed an old song doesn’t mean it’s definitely on the setlist, does it? Of course it’s more likely to be, but if they seriously take our well-reasoned (no bashing!) thoughts into consideration, they may decide to go with something else. For that reason, can you add “Ex-Girlfriend” and “End It On This” to the poll?

    While “End It On This” is my favorite non-single off of Rock Steady (unless you count “Different” & “Happy” as non-singles), some may rather hear a new song in it’s place. I personally wouldn’t vote it off, but I see how some would. On the other hand, I have a strong inkling that they’ll be performing the least amount of songs from self-titled, Beacon, and Return of Saturn, and I would rather hear “New” than “Ex-Girlfriend” (and “Bathwater” over “Simple Kind of Life,” but that’s not an issue here). Watching “New” live resonates for years — there’s this indescribable aura of pure joy that fills the entire venue. Sure, people know EGF, and it’s pretty rockin’, but it’s been performed on every tour since it was released, and while it’s fun, it doesn’t move the crowd like “New” (or “Hella Good,” which takes on a life of its own live). As for “Rock Steady,” it’s a beautiful track, but again, it’s been done so much live, and the audience response has never been that great, whereas “Don’t Let Me Down” got a huge response — plus, it was heavily played on KROQ in place of “Hey Baby,” so the California crowds would be familiar with it. I think “Rock Steady” would work much better in shortened pre-recorded form as an intro video right before they come on stage.

    I highly encourage everyone to be vocal in this thread, taking into consideration that the band reads this, so be nice . Also, if you want to hear most of the new album, tell them, and tell them which 2-3 songs they should cut. Also, they have to play some songs for casual fans. Finally, you should mention songs performed at previous shows that did or did not go over so well, regardless of single status.

  2. Songs I think should be cut: “Ex-Girlfriend,” “Simple Kind of Life,” “Hey Baby,” “It’s My Life,” “Trapped In A Box,” and “Running” (even though I love “Running.”)

    New songs I really don’t think should be cut because I am dying to hear them in order from will be kinda devastated if not performed to will sort-of-i-guess understand if not performed (aside from the first two singles and the title track, which will obviously not be cut): Undercover, Easy, Dreaming The Same Dream, Sparkle, One More Summer, Heaven.

    Old songs I really want to hear ordered sequentially by the same reasoning above: New, Open The Gate, Don’t Let Me Down. Sunday Morning (which I think is way more quintessential than “Excuse Me”). Like I said above, “New” performed live just resonates, even a decade later. “Don’t Let Me Down” would fit in so well with the new new-wave tracks. As for “Total Hate” winning the Facebook pool, that’s kind of predictable, and would be predictable in the setlist as “the oldie.” Yeah, it rocks harder than anything else, but they haven’t performed “Open The Gate” since ’95. “Open” STILL sounds modern — it could fit on any of their subsequent albums with a little more studio gloss and be released as a successful modern rock single. It’s beyond catchy, and it’s an absolute blast to dance around to. Honestly, if I had to point to one song that encompassed the “No Doubt” signature-sound, that would be my go to.

  3. Obviously they will never cut their biggest hit songs (or biggest hits among fans like Sunday Morning)…I think this poll is just for fun really. I wouldn’t mind losing Excuse Me Mr, Hella Good, It’s My Life and Spiderwebs. Not that I dislike those songs at all, I’m just tired of them and would rather hear more new material. Of the new material, I would pass on Heaven, Undercover and Gravity. Those are my least favorites of the record. I hope they never, ever cut Ex-GF, JAG, Sunday Morning or UIA! And in the past few years I’ve gotten a new found respect for SKOL. Used to be one of my least favorites live, but since the 2009 tour and the obvious connection Gwen has to it now, it has made it that much more amazing. I love seeing the emotion she feels when performing it.

    I never knew Hey Baby was such a problem for fans? I’ve always loved it. I always thought Hella Good was more of the sell-out song with the “let’s keep on dancing” and heavy breathing. Ugh.

  4. i would love to say goodbye to “it’s my life” first and foremost. i’m not quite sure why they are even still playing this song although i guess it did end up being a pretty popular single. it’s not their song, it always feels like filler to me, and it’s not the reason ANY of us became or stayed fans after all these years. we want to hear no doubt songs!

    “running” is the other song i voted to see off. i think it’s the weakest song on rocksteady and it was barely a single to begin with. they have so many more powerful ballads and especially now with “undone” and “easy” it would be great to hear those instead.

    not sure why ‘trapped in a box’ is even on this list? they didn’t even play it live during the singles tour, i highly doubt that they will have it as an option with all the new material they have. although i must say i would rather hear ‘trapped in a box’ over ‘running’ or ‘it’s my life’ 🙂

  5. “NEW” is a song that must be played! It gets the crowd going! Song I feel that needs to be cut is “its my life” seeing how it isn’t written by them , & anything from the rock steady album! I love no doubt I’m a huge fan! But let’s face it RS was too cheesy! Although I wouldn’t mind hearing “don’t let me down” or “underneath it all”

  6. I voted for “excuse me mr”, “ex-girlfriend”, and “running”. “Excuse Me Mr.” has always been one of my least favourite songs off of “Tragic Kingdom” , it was not really a hit so I would definitely cut that one. Plus there are five major singles from “Tragic Kingdom” and with all the new material I think they should play four at the most. I also chose to eliminate “Ex-Girlfriend” I just never was a huge fan of the song, out of the four singles from “Return of Saturn” I think this would be the obvious choice to cut. Lastly, I chose “Running” simply because “Easy” and “Simple Kind of Life” are both much better ballads. And I do not think the band is likely to play more than two ballads live. As for the new material I would cut:
    -Undone (wouldn’t sound good live)
    -Dreaming the Same Dream (just does not appeal to me)
    -Heaven (too much of a Gwen solo song)

  7. I’ve heard New, hella good, and hey baby enough times LOL Running is one of my favorites they should keep it and do a remix! They should add World Go Round and Stricken! I’d love to actually hear Gwen sing Trapped in a box as well and they could maybe do a new spin on it too! They gotta do Different People! I love Easy, Push and shove, Gravity, Undercover, Sparkle, Heaven and Dreaming the same Dream from the album! I will be mad if they don’t properly promote the new album and don’t get those songs out there! LOLZ ;-p

    <3 Daniel

    http://www.facebook.com/Gwensday http://www.facebook.com/thedanielstefani

  8. I say get Hey Baby out of there. LOVE the song on the album, but the live version, less so. TiaB should be replaced by another old-school track (ie: Let’s Get Back or By the Way). And Running should be dropped as the not-so-successful 4th single of RS– that slow love song has been replaced with Undone.


    @David — how do you feel about Don’t Speak. Not the song– the suggestion.

  9. ^I feel that “Don’t Speak” should be performed at every single concert they ever do. I especially love it when it’s all electric. I get chills down my spine when Gwen lets the audience sing the first verse.

    I think that since “Underneath It All” and “Sparkle” are in the same vein, it would be neat if they did “Underneath It All” stripped/acoustic–not like on TRL or the German radio show, but like on the Grammy’s. They could cut the bridge (obviously) to shorten it, and then do the Rock Steady Tour acoustic version of “Running” following it. They could also do “One More Summer” acoustic, but I have a feeling that song will another one that sounds even better live.

    I’m not crazy about “Start The Fire,” but it may just be one of those tracks they play intermittently, like “Happy Now” on the last two tours, or “Making Out” on the Rock Steady tour.

    I still feel strongly about them performing the majority of their new album (7-8) songs each night. Playing 10-12 old songs are pleanty to satisfy the more casual non-fans. I think it’s strange that the only new one they have confirmed to rehearse is “Push and Shove,” which we knew they would do (along with LH and SD). The only songs I think will be challenging to reproduce live are “Push and Shove,” “Gravity,” and “Settle Down,” and they’re already performing two of those. Again, I definitely wouldn’t mind “Gravity” being cut, and from the consensus on the official form, I don’t think too many fans would be dissapointed if “Undone” was cut, either. On the other hand, ever since buying the record and listening to it for the first time, I was already envisioning how amazing some of these would sound live — “Easy” is sure to be a huge crowd pleaser, while “Dreaming The Same Dream” would sound absolutely epic. Both would work so well at the latter end of the set, either right before or during the encore. “Undercover” and “One More Summer” sound tailor made for performing live — I can already see the thousands of fans singing every word and jumping around.

    I hope they start the show off with “Looking Hot” and end it with “Hella Good.” “Looking Hot,” like “Hella Good” are both great songs, but live they take on a new life of their own. “Looking Hot” is so amazing live that I’d give anything for the live instrumental and acapella to put together. Now that they have “Looking Hot,” though, they can open up and close out with a bang — and the last song doesn’t have to be from Tragic Kingdom.

  10. I hope they play…

    Self-Titled: None
    Beacon: “Open The Gate Up”
    Tragic Kingdom: “Spiderwebs,” “Don’t Speak, “Just A Girl,” “Sunday Morning”
    Return of Saturn: “Don’t Let It Go Away”
    Rock Steady: “Hella Good,” “Underneath It All” (acoustic?), “Don’t Blow It”
    Push and Shove: “Settle Down,” “Looking Hot,” “One More Summer,” “Push N’ Shove,” “Easy,” “Undercover,” “Sparkle,” “Dreaming The Same Dream.”

  11. Hi David! Thank you for your kind words. I saw your email too this morning but thought I would answer you here, too.

    The reason I chose those songs cause it’s the tracklisting for The Singles, I just put them in chronological order. I think “End It On This” would have been a great addition to the poll considering it was played on the last tour (that goes double for “Rock Steady”) but kept them off due to them not being single releases. I also kept it to three choices cause I thought it was a good number. Thinking now, it should have been five cause there are fifteen choices, lol. Next time!

    I will also be putting up a poll about what songs from Push and Shove fans want to hear live next week. I’m really happy so many fans are taking the time to express their opinions and voting. Makes it more fun, insightful and interesting. Thank you for expressing your opinions and suggestions. You rock!

  12. All their singles but also:Open The Gate,Happy Now?; Start The Fire,Magic’s In The Makeup,Different People,Snakes,Blue In The Face,Detective,Under Cover,Undone,Heaven,Dreaming The Same Dream,Platinum Blone Life, Don’t Let Me Down,Waiting Room.

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