Poll: What Should No Doubt Release?

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No Doubt

Since last December of last year, No Doubt has been in and out of the recording studio writing and making new music for an upcoming release. In the mean time, what would you love to see the band release? Would you like an acoustic album? An album of b-sides and unreleased tracks? Or maybe a live DVD? We left out the option for new music due to Push and Shove coming out just shy of a year ago and the band has hinted at us hearing new music soon.

Thanks for voting!

17 Replies to “Poll: What Should No Doubt Release?”

  1. Haha that poll is kinda mean since we all know they won’t release any of this… ever. But I guess I’d go with a b-sides (even though they never had any after RoS) and rarities album, but only if it includes unreleased songs. I don’t need any “rarities” like the ones of EIT, which have all been known for ages already such as “Oi to the world”.

  2. i would love for No Doubt to re-record some of their gems like “where’s your lovin” or at least master them!! that would be amazing!! a remix album would be so cool too. there are two songs in particular that i wish were remixed. i’d like to hear a full song based on the bridge on “looking hot” and i would love to hear a ragga remix of “cool” (i know i know its Gwen not NxD) but still 🙂

  3. yeahyeahyeah — ND has had B-sides since RoS– New Friend was released from RS– but there were a few that just vanished into thin air– also, before RoS, rumor had it they had enough new songs to release but scrapped ALL of them, fearing it would be TK pt. 2. I’d love to hear THOSE demos.

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