Poll: What Is Your Favorite No Doubt Video?

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With only a couple more polls to go till the end of the week, we were pretty excited for this one. What is your favorite No Doubt music video? Is there one that you still cherish the most over the years? Almost every single one of their videos are unique and all brought something new to their style while it was out (and influenced so many of us!) Thank you to all that are taking the time to vote and discuss — these polls have really been a lot of fun and we’re excited to post our results this coming Sunday!

15 Replies to “Poll: What Is Your Favorite No Doubt Video?”

  1. That’s so hard… I can’t pick one… I guess JAG would be my absolute favorite because they all looked sooo good in it and it’s my fave song. I loved the Spiderwebs video as well… Don’t Speak is pretty iconic because of the story behind it and Gwen’s polka dot dress. OMG and RUNNING! Love, love, love that video. So simple, yet so nostalgic! Gwen looked so freaking amazing in the New video… It’s My Life may not be a favorite song of mine, but I liked the concept of the video…

    Maybe it would be easier to answer what ISN’T my favorite video LOL

  2. Hated choosing but I chose Spidewebs I liked how it had the point of view and the video looked good for the time. You forgot to put looking hot on there I know it got taken off but its still a video. I thought it was a brilliant video in the sense of the story but I also understand it offending native americans which wasnt their attention. I hate the fact it got taken off as it is a great song. Wish they’d redo it.

  3. Yeah, I agree with Michael about “Looking Hot”. I can understand why it was left off, but it probably would have been my choice had it been included. It was really hard to choose, though. I picked “Sunday Morning” because I love the idea that it’s based on their real-life hangout sessions and Gwen looks particularly gorgeous in it.

  4. This is so hard. I can’t just pick one. Voted for Hella Good. And yeah I think Looking Hot should have been included. Who are we lying to? That’s a video, liking it or not.

  5. I didn’t include “Looking Hot” because the band and management don’t include it in the history of releases. I hope you all understand! 🙂

  6. New is so cool… And it was the first after TK “explosion”, at the time I was proud of my favorite band in such a cool video 🙂

  7. Hey Jenny you should do a least favourite Album, song and video sometime. It would be interesting to see what us fans don’t like as well as what we do like. I for one even though I have been a huge ND fan for many years do not like everything that they have down.

  8. it is not my favorite song ,but running is my favorite video based on it tells the story on how so far they have come and what the future may hold. simple as that.

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