Poll: What Is Your Favorite No Doubt Album?

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Since it’s been pretty slow this past week with updates, we thought we might do a few fun polls to get some good discussions going. First up: what is your favorite No Doubt album (and yes we did include Everything In Time because it’s an amazing collection and features some of the band’s best work). Is it one that first got you into the band? Helped you through tough times? Or just one you overall listen to the most — we want to know. Thank you for taking the time to vote and we’re curious to see what everyone’s favorite is! A new poll will be up soon and please comment and tell us why you picked your favorite.

25 Replies to “Poll: What Is Your Favorite No Doubt Album?”

  1. Every album is amazing (despite what some naysayers believe), but I have to always go with RoS for my favorite. 🙂

  2. I love all of them for different reasons, but Tragic Kingdom was the reason I became a fan. I love and miss that whole era! I feel like I grew up with them even though they’re over 10 years older than me! JAG, Happy Now, Sunday Morning, Hey You, EIOT, The Climb…such an awesome album! And so pure because Gwen never thought anyone would hear it LOL

  3. ROS because it does explore different styles like push and shove but is much more cohesive and better put together. It also has the bands best lyrical work in my opinion and has great melodies.

  4. i really like the voting it is fairly accurate to what i though, i voted for ros, tk is close but there is something about ros that any of these albums can hold a candle to .

  5. Lyrically – Return of Saturn is bliss! The production of the whole album still makes me tear up. Home Now…Dark Blue…Marry Me….the list goes on and on. I love Glen Ballard….ND should work with him again…

  6. I’ve recently come to realize that it seems through time, NO DOUBT’S hardcord fanbase seems to like RETURN OF SATURN more than any album. The voting at this point kinds drives that home. And I’m willing to bet that the favorite songs from this hardcore fan base don’t get played live and weren’t singles. Kinda sad this album doesn’t get more respect live. I wish I had a time machine to go back to when this album dropped.

    And yeah the production on that album is fucking amazing, It’s my favorite album to study as a musician, for pretty music any aspect of music….. It’s gotta be one of the best album’s of all time.

  7. I love that Return Of Saturn is in the lead! I remember when it came out and how magazines said that it was such a disappointing follow up to Tragic Kingdom which obviously only someone who was not a true fan of No Doubt would ever think that. Looks like we are proving them wrong

  8. Push and Shove….just kidding.
    Rock Steady and Return of Saturn are around the same league for me, even though they’re completely different.

  9. “And I’m willing to bet that the favorite songs from this hardcore fan base don’t get played live and weren’t singles. Kinda sad this album doesn’t get more respect live. I wish I had a time machine to go back to when this album dropped.” …return of saturn is like, my soul. lyrically, gwen has said it is her best work. i also wish i could go back in time for when they toured off this album.

  10. This is impossible to vote on beacuse each album has a certain place in my life at a certain time and the feelings of each album are amazing at each point in my life- Right now- the Lyrics and whole vibe of Push and Shove are exactly what I need and i’m able to listen to it over and over again.

  11. Entirely too difficult….depending on the day, The Beacon Street Collection, Tragic Kingdom, or Rock Steady. Granted, there are tracks on TBSC and RS that I skip-over, but I feel like it’s unfair to compare anything to their magnum opus–and maybe I wouldn’t be so attached to TK if it weren’t for the nostalgia factor. So yeah, I didn’t vote, haha.

    What about a poll for the singles that never were?
    Open The Gate, End It On This, You Can Do It, Home Now, Cellophane Boy, You’re So Foxy, Don’t Let Me Down, Making Out, Undercover…

  12. God, this really shows me how much of a dissapointment Push and Shove really is. And i really dont think its one of those albums that gets better with time. I really wish P&S wouldve been a single though, so so so soooooo badly

  13. Hey MEL,

    You heard that Gwen said recently, like in the last few months that she doesn’t like to listen to ROS cause its too hard for her to go back there. I read that and realized that my dreams of seeing more deep cuts from it played live is about as dead as can be. 🙁

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