Poll: No Doubt’s Best Album Opening Song?


To keep things lively during the holidays, we’re curious which track from No Doubt’s albums is the best opening song. With huge hits like “Spiderwebs” and “Hella Good”, it’s no wonder why each of their albums are special and unique on their own. We’ve excluded the intros (including “BND” and Rock Steady‘s “Intro”) and compilations and included all of the album’s opening songs.

Thank you for voting and we hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

24 Replies to “Poll: No Doubt’s Best Album Opening Song?”

  1. They are all great so it’s hard to choose. I guess I will go with Settle Down because it sounded so epic after a 10 year absence with the long intro and outro.

  2. This is so hard. Technically Rock Steady’s opening is the RS intro not Hella Good…
    I voted Spiderwebs, but I think all of them are great. Settle Down is a nice build up. I love the intro / outro.

  3. Got it… let’s see!
    But there’s a kids voice in the background that is annoying.
    Let’s just say, that the song is better than STF and BDL….

  4. I dunno its okay…gwens voice sounds very autotuned though! Is it bad that I like pharells part in the song the best? The reggae part is pretty cool. Also is it just me or have the choruses been very weak on these last few songs gwen has done? (STF, Together, Shine)

  5. Yeah…I’m not feeling this one either. I don’t like the chorus and I agree that it would be a better song for Pharrell as he sounds a lot better on it. Maybe a HQ without the noise in the background will improve it for me since the version I heard sounds rough and unofficial…

  6. Jenny got a favor to ask can you post a vid of gwens carson daily performance if it is between 9-10 central I dont get off work till 10 central so I will miss it otherwise. If she performs at 10:30 when news goes off I can watch it. Thank you in advance and if you cant get it for some reason its ok it’d be much appreciated and Happy New Year.

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