Poll: What Do You Want Next?

I know I can speak for a lot of fans saying that we’re getting a little stir crazy for an update from the band on the new album! So, I decided to put up a poll to see what everyone is craving more from No Doubt at this time. Would you rather have a small taste of a new song? A release date for the album? Or how about a video update from the studio? I really miss the Hell out of them and am so ready for some new music! We cannot wait till the Spring!

Let us know what you would want more from the band right now!

11 Replies to “Poll: What Do You Want Next?”

  1. Well, what we all want is “First single release date” and/or “Release date for new album” and/or “Audio clip of a new song” but they’re not that realistic compared to the others!
    But maybe in the videp update, which I voted for, they could HINT in dates and names etc etc. Tease us!

  2. been waiting since 2009 and its really pissin me off that were not getting anywhere what was the point of the tour if they wernt gonna bring out a cd any time near it. im sick of reading in magazines how good its gonna be i want to hear it for myself and i will judge for myself, so bring out the damn cd!!!!! 😀

  3. It seems that the band is taking a break from the album for the time being… I know that, for myself, if I have to step away from a project that I am especially proud of, it’s because I am feeling discouraged and I need to regroup. Maybe No Doubt is feeling these same feelings. If that’s the case, maybe we, as fans and supporters, should be sending them encouraging sentiments rather than nagging them for more, more, more. Extra pressure from us will only delay the process. At least that’s how I would feel if I was them…

  4. I never post on the actual No Doubt forum, but I saw a thread yesterday that talked about fans frustrations regarding the album. Someone in particular stated that the band was taking a break due to security concerns for certain members of the band, and then the thread was taken off the forum. Did anyone read this/ know what that person was talking about? Seemed kind of weird. Anyway, this whole process has taken FOREVER. I know everyone is busy with family, side business, ect., but you would think after years of writing and recording there would at least be more going into promotion at this time. I really think something is going on with Interscope too, I can’t put my finger on it though.

  5. I want the release date of the album more than anything so I know when I’m getting it and to start a countdown. I wouldn’t want to hear an audio clip because I want to hear all the new songs for the first time on the new album. Though a video update would be awesome just to hear their voices and see how they’re doing =)

  6. It’s begiinning to “feel” like the album is in trouble at Interscope…what with the release delay and constant rumors (and, denials) that other artists and producers are being brought in. There’s also talk that I-Scope itself is in the middle of internal power struggles and/or having $$ troubles. I’m getting this very bad vibe that this CD is not going to happen.

  7. All of it equally!! All of the fans I know are not even asking me anymore what is going on. Nothing for so long now it’s beyond the beyond

  8. Okay So I think, we as fans should stop complaining about how long they are taking. They could take as long as they need, they want to release an extraordinary album, not an ordinary one. We should be grateful they are taking so much time and effort to make this album grate. I would love to listen to new ND music very soon and go to one of their AMZING concerts as well, but all in its time.

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